How To Pay For Magicjack Phone Bill?

You can use Rapid Renew to renew your device service subscription without having to log into your account.

  • After selecting a renewal plan, click CONTINUE TO BILLING. REMINISCE: Double-check your phone number, primary email address, and renewal date!
  • Review the magicJack Subscriber Agreement, check the box, and then click COMPLETE ORDER to complete your order.

What’s the best way to reactivate my magicJack?

Using the Rapid Renewal method or by following the steps below, you can renew service on any presently active or recently deactivated device on your account:

  • Select the “Add Months” or “Click to Reactivate” link under the “Device Status” section for the device you want to renew.
  • Accept the subscriber agreement; you must scroll to the bottom of the agreement to accept it.

If your service renewal is not immediately reflected, please unplug and reconnect your device.

What does magicJack cost per month?

Both Ooma and magicJack provide digital phone service with useful capabilities for business communications to business owners and entrepreneurs.

PC Magazine has ranked Ooma the best VoIP service for small company owners for nine years in a row when comparing commercial VoIP providers. MagicJack was not featured in the rating for 2020, as it finished fourth in 2019 behind Ooma, 88, and others. MagicJack’s tech support was ranked last among all suppliers in 2018.

Ooma Office offers a virtual receptionist, extension dialing, conferencing, a mobile app, SMS messaging, music on hold, ring groups, virtual fax, and a free toll-free number, among other features. Ooma Office has a monthly fee of $19.95 per user. Upgrade to Ooma Office Pro to gain access to extra features including better call blocking, call recording, and a desktop app.

The base package of magicJack for Business includes three-way calling, caller ID, voicemail, and other services. The cost for one user is $35.99 a month after adding the auto attendant, virtual fax, and toll-free line, which are all included with Office.

Businesses could pay $16.04 more each month if they use magicJack instead of Ooma Office. For one user, that’s approximately $200 extra per year.

What is the location of my magicJack phone number?

You may quickly find your phone number by calling 0000 from the phone connected to your magicJack and having it read it back to you.

What is the duration of magicJack?

The MagicJackHome costs between $39.99 and $59.99. Prices change depending on current promotions and where you purchase. If you don’t like it after ordering, you have 30 days to return it for free. A year of free service is included with the purchase. The cost of renewing your service for another year is $39. During this period, the MagicJack App is completely free to download and use.

The $14.99 per year MagicJack Concierge service provides further help. These extra features do not come with any additional fees or savings.

These pricing are competitive with competing VoIP providers, especially for small businesses and home offices, as long as you don’t want any additional features or call management capabilities.

What’s the deal with my magic? Why isn’t Jack answering his phone?

If your magicJack is directly linked to a router, try the troubleshooting steps below:

  • Unplug and re-plug the phone and network cables until the connection locks in place, or until you hear or feel the connector lock in place.
  • Without any visible symptoms of wear or damage, cords and cables can become worn out or damaged. Change the phone cord or the ethernet cable.

To ensure that any modifications made are applied appropriately, remember to reboot or restart your router after each troubleshooting step.