How To Transfer MPt Bill To Another Phone?

  • The service can be accessed by dialing the following USSD code:
  • #recipient’s number*223*amount to send
  • *223*1000*09456456456# is an example.
  • The sender’s main balance will be deducted for the amount to send. The full amount will be given to the beneficiary.
  • From April 12th until further notice, no service fee will be applied for balance transfers.

What is the best way to transfer MPT data to a new phone?

“Poh B is a Gifting Service,” says the narrator. MPT users can send Data Packs, Voice Packs, and Htaw B+ as gifts to other MPT users.

  • Simply dial an existing USSD number and select your favorite pack. Select the Gift option and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You can also send MPT products to other MPT phones using the MPT 4U app.
  • Sending and receiving MPT products is not restricted.
  • Receivers are free to enjoy the things they receive, as long as they follow MPT’s usual Terms & Conditions.

How can I transfer my MPT balance to Telenor?

Transfer of Funds

  • *122* recipient’s phone number * Amount #, for example, *122*0979xxxxxxx*1000#
  • “Transfer button on home screen” on my Telenor app.

What is the procedure for activating my MPT SIM card?

If new MPT GSM/WCDMA SIM subscribers make their first recharge of 1000ks or more during the first 7 days after activation, they will earn a bonus of 1000ks. The first recharge bonus can be used for MPT to MPT calls and SMS, as well as 60-day Pay-As-You-Go data.

  • Please check the coverage of LTE+.
  • Please double-check whether your SIM (USIM) supports LTE+.
  • Please double-check your cellular data (LTE+) settings.
  • Please check if your handset is compatible with LTE+.
  • After validating the following four points, you are now ready to use LTE+.

In Mytel, how can I transfer a bill?

Subscriber A must dial *966#>>9>>3 (or) *96693# to make a money transfer. Terms and Conditions: Dial *966# >>9 >> 3 (or) Dial *96693# to transfer phone balance to a Mytel user via the MyShare service.

What is the procedure for purchasing data from MPT?

(Yangon, May 9th, 2019) MPT has announced the launch of its new Data Carry Combo Pack, which will let customers to enjoy low-cost ordinary data as well as social data quotas for the most popular social apps beginning May 9th, 2019.

The Data Carry Combo Packs are a cross-bundle product that includes Standard Data Quota (MBs for any application) and Social Data Quota (for Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Line, and Instagram), allowing MPT customers to stay connected with their social networks, friends, and family on MPT’s nationwide 2G/3G/4G data network for even longer. Customers can subscribe to Data Carry Combo Packs by calling * 777# and selecting their preferred bundle from a list of options ranging from 699 Ks to 29,999 Ks.

MPT clients can simply purchase the new MPT Data Carry Combo Pack up to 7 days after their old data pack validity expires to carry forward unused Standard Data Quota; however, unused Social Data Quota cannot be carried forward. Customers with MPT can check the balance of their Data Carry Combo Packs by dialing *224#.

The following are the Data Carry Combo Packs:

All eligibility criteria remain the same as for previous data packs, i.e., the packs are available to all MPT GSM/WCDMA Swe Thahar/Shal Pyaw/Shwe Zagar subscribers, as well as all LTE+ users.

“We believe our newly introduced Data Carry Combo Pack will allow Myanmar People connect more and access more, and will be a key gateway to our lives,” Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations, remarked. Nowadays, social media platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Viber are the most popular in Myanmar for sharing, communicating, and occasionally serving as the primary web platform. It’s much more than just providing more data and a broader selection of services. To show our appreciation for their continuing support, we are always enhancing our offerings to cater to their diverse tastes. We’re excited that our customers can now share their adventures even more with our Data Carry Combo Packs, which make staying in touch with friends and family even easier.

What is the location of my MPT phone number?

Simply add the code to your mobile phone after purchasing your credit at the store. They may require your phone number for this. If you purchase top-up credit from MPT, you can provide them your phone number to recharge your mobile phone credit.

Check your telephone number with MPT

In Myanmar, dial *106# (My Account > Check Account) to check your own MPT SIM number. This will tell you what your phone number is on Myanmar’s MPT network.

Check your balance with MPT

If you wish to know what your balance is, dial *106# to check your MPT SIM balance.

This is who you should contact if you want to check your MPT mobile phone credit or balance in Myanmar. You can also double-check your phone number. This is done by dialing the MPT Myanmar USSD codes listed above. On this website, you may also find MPT’s APN settings in Myanmar. Other USSD codes can be found on this website as well. MPT Myanmar recharge vouchers are available at most phone retailers throughout the country.

To find out what your MPT Myanmar phone number is. This, along with the MPT USSD code for checking your balance, has been introduced to make it easier if you forget your phone number or balance. For further information, go to this webpage. On this page, you can also find USSD codes for Ucom Armenia and Robi Bangladesh. The Nokia 3310 connectivity settings have also been listed for your older phones.

How do I move my Telenor balance to another network?

Are you someone who enjoys assisting and enabling others? Are you stumped as to how to transfer balance when it’s most needed by others? Telenor Smart Share is the service that transforms you into a true hero in the eyes of others. Now is the time to give credit to your pals!

To send a monetary sum, type the following code into your phone’s text field and click send:

To share Rs. 100.00 with a prepaid phone 03451234567, type and send: *1*1*923451234567*100# and confirm the amount transfer by pressing 1.

The sender and receiver will both receive a confirmation of the transaction after the balance has been transferred.

  • You have the option of sharing between Rs. 20.00 and Rs. 200.00.
  • The balance will be valid for the same amount of time.
  • Smart Share can only be done ten times per day.

How do I get a copy of my MPT bill?

By dialing the USSD code *260# and entering the service account code, you can receive the most recent MPT Postpaid and FTTH invoice as an E-invoice via SMS. There will be no additional service fees charged by MPT.

How do I make an online payment for my MPT bill?

  • This new payment option is aimed at Postpaid and FTTH users who get monthly invoices and want to pay on promptly and with ease.
  • Customers of all postpaid services (PSTN, GSM, CDMA, ADSL, IPStar) and FTTH can use the new payment facility.
  • With MPT GSM Prepaid Mobile, you can pay with a Top-up card (or) Prepaid primary balance, while with MPT GSM Postpaid Mobile, you can only pay with a Top-up card.
  • Payments made through this channel are subject to a service charge of the payment amount, although MPT has extended the offer of no service charge until further notice as a service promotion.

How can I put a stop to an MPT call?

(May 5, 2020, Yangon)

MPT customers who missed the deadline to complete SIM Registration with accurate information will now have their SIM cards moved to “One-Way Block Stage,” which disables outgoing calls, SMS, data, and all other chargeable services except for accessing the MPT4U App, MPT’s Customer Selfcare Website, and contacting the 106 Call Center.

However, a grace period has been granted by the Posts and Telecommunications Department (PTD) until June 30, 2020, to allow mobile consumers to complete the SIM Registration process with proper personal information and re-activate their SIM cards.

Customers can also complete SIM registration in an MPT Own Shop, Franchise Shop, Regional Office, or Point-of-Sale site.

To complete the SIM registration, the customer must provide their legal name as well as sufficient identity, such as their NRC number for Myanmar citizens or their passport for foreigners. After completing the registration procedure successfully, the SIM card will be re-activated in around 30 minutes.