Is Tropicana Field Air Conditioned What Is Electrical Bill?

Because of a $5.6 million arrangement struck between the city of St. Petersburg and the Devil Rays baseball team, the cool air at Tropicana Field will be a lot cheaper.

The Devil Rays’ estimated yearly electrical bill will be cut in half, according to city authorities, thanks to the installation of a new, high-efficiency air conditioning system as part of the stadium expansion project, which is now underway.

The system would have to be expanded anyway to handle the larger concession and concourse sections that are now being constructed. However, designers discovered that today’s air-handling technologies are roughly twice as efficient as the system developed for the stadium almost ten years ago, therefore a complete upgrade is in the works.

Is Tropicana Field equipped with air conditioning?

Is Tropicana Field heated or cooled? Yes, there is an answer to that question. Being nice and cool during the game is one of the best things about going to a game in St. Pete.

What is the current temperature at Tropicana Field?

Meet the Rays before you, well, before you, well, before you, well, before you, well, before you, well, before you, well, before you, Fans can participate in a 10-minute interactive encounter with cownose and southern stingrays, which are the same species that inhabit in Tampa Bay’s waters, until two hours after the first pitch. The exhibit, which was constructed in collaboration with the Florida Aquarium, is placed beyond the right-center field fence and is the first of its sort at any sports arena.

There will be no rainouts, no lightning delays, and no scorching summer heat. Whatever is going on outside the stadium, the temperature inside remains at a pleasant 72 degrees.

Is it chilly inside Tropicana Field?

The temperature inside Tropicana Field is kept at 72 degrees all year, but it seems a little cooler in the Enchant Christmas light maze. Sure, the “wintry temperature” could be due to the 525-foot ice skating rink or the fact that natural light isn’t allowed to pass through the dome’s normally translucent ceiling.

Maybe it’s the cumulative effect of all the Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, and Andy Williams Christmas tunes that have been pumped in. It’s a cheerful environment. There is no open fire at Enchant Christmas, but you can bet there would be chestnuts roasting on it if there was.

Inside Tropicana Field, General Manager Nancy Hutson won’t tell how many individual lights are on. She laughs as she says, “Millions and millions.” “We’re going to go with that.”

Enchant Christmas is a family-friendly holiday “experience” consisting of a walk-through (or, in the case of tiny folk, run-through) route of lights in the form of trees, hedges, enormous gift packages, ornaments, and more, which will be at Tropicana Field until Jan. 2.

There are also various children’s play areas, as well as a seasonal market on the outskirts selling crafts, jewelry, and gift ideas. There is also food, drink, and plenty of seating.

The “twilight illusion” is created by a 450,000-square-foot custom-fitted “blackout blanket. It took two weeks to complete the installation.

Enchant Christmas, located in Vancouver, which has similar attractions in Dallas, Las Vegas, and Washington, D.C. this year, refuses to give attendance data. Nonetheless, according to Hutson, the “experience” in 2021 in St. Pete “is on track to match, if not exceed, the expected total for the 2019 Trop visit of 300,000 visitors.”

The hours have been extended this year.

Every day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Enchant Christmas is open. “We enjoy the early hours,” Hutson explains. “It helps social separation by spreading out attendance throughout the day.”

Tropicana Field has a retractable roof.

Tropicana Field, popularly referred to as The Trop, is a domed stadium in St. Petersburg, Florida, that has served as the home of the Tampa Bay Rays of Major League Baseball (MLB) since the team’s inception in 1998. The stadium is also used for collegiate football, and it hosted the St. Petersburg Bowl, an annual postseason bowl game, from December 2008 until December 2017. The arena is now Major League Baseball’s only non-retractable domed stadium, making it the league’s only year-round indoor venue. When obstructed-view seats in the uppermost sections are covered with tarps, as they are for most Rays games, Tropicana Field is the smallest MLB stadium by seating capacity.

Tropicana Field, formerly known as the Florida Suncoast Dome, first opened its doors in 1990. The Tampa Bay Lightning moved to the facility in 1993, and it was renamed the ThunderDome until 1996, when the team moved to their new home in downtown Tampa. Tropicana Products, a fruit drink manufacturer based in nearby Bradenton at the time, struck a 30-year naming rights arrangement in October 1996.

Is there air conditioning in the Trop?

The stadium is air conditioned, and we prefer to sit in the Party Deck section, which has its own concession stand, restrooms, and a beautiful view of the game at a lower cost.


Banners and placards are permitted and may be exhibited in the ballpark as long as they are baseball-related, do not obstruct the view of other fans, and do not interfere with the playing surface or any ballpark signage. Derogatory language, gestures, or symbols are not permitted on signs. Tropicana Field administration maintains the right to remove any sign from the premises.


Inside the ballpark, bats and brooms no longer than 3′ are permitted. They must not obstruct other guests’ views or provide a safety risk. Other types of sticks and poles are not permitted at any time.

BOX OFFICE (Tropicana Field)

All tickets and parking passes are exclusively accessible on mobile devices and only be purchased using the MLB Ballpark app. On game days, the Box Office at Tropicana Field is open at Gates 1 and 4 for mobile ticket assistance beginning 90 minutes before first pitch. The Ballpark app on your smartphone can be accessed with the help of Box Office staff. To purchase tickets, you can also use the camera app on your smartphone to scan the QR code at Box Office windows.

On game days, the box office windows at gates 1 and 4 will open 90 minutes before first pitch for customer assistance. Employees from the Box Office will be happy to assist you with downloading the ballpark app on your smartphone.


Batting practice for the Rays begins 2.5 hours before first pitch. Batting practice for the visiting team begins 90 minutes before game time and lasts around an hour. Batting practice is conducted at the team’s discretion and is subject to change. See the Pregame Timeline for further information.

Is it permissible to smoke at Tropicana Field?

Tropicana Field is a non-smoking venue. Inside Tropicana Field, smoking is forbidden, including the use of smokeless cigarettes or any device that imitates the act of smoking. Smoking is permitted inside the enclosed areas outside the building at Gates 2, 5, 6, and 7, as well as outdoors on the ramps at Gates 2, 5, and 6.

Is it possible for you to bring food to the Rays game?

  • Keep an eye out for baseballs that have been hit into the stands.
  • Major League Baseball rules prohibit supporters from entering the field, throwing anything onto the field, or interfering with balls in play. Violations can result in ejection from Tropicana Field as well as criminal charges.
  • While at Tropicana Field, you must wear appropriate clothing and footwear at all times.
  • Tropicana Field is a non-smoking venue. On-property use of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco, is prohibited.
  • Tropicana Field does not allow visitors to bring in outside food or drinks. It’s okay to bring a small, sealed bottle of water with you.
  • Fans should be treated with respect. Language, gestures, or behavior that is derogatory or vulgar will not be accepted.
  • It is illegal to solicit contributions or distribute material on ballpark grounds.
  • Banners and placards are permitted and may be shown in the stadium as long as they are baseball-related, do not obstruct the view of other fans, and do not interfere with the playing surface or other ballpark signage. Derogatory language, gestures, or symbols are not permitted on signs. Tropicana Field administration maintains the right to remove any sign from the premises.
  • Inside the stadium, bats, brooms, and umbrellas are permitted. It must be stored under your seat if it interferes with another fan’s enjoyment of the game.
  • Beach balls, Frisbees, and other similar things are not permitted to be thrown in the stadium.
  • Noisemakers, air horns, laser pointers, and other obnoxious or distracting devices are not permitted.
  • Radios, computers, tablets, and other electronic devices are permitted in the ballpark if they do not obstruct other fans’ enjoyment of the game and are smaller than 16″x16″x8″.
  • Still and video cameras are authorized as long as they are used for personal purposes and do not hinder the view of other fans. Tripods are not permitted. The broadcast of any description or reproduction of game activity, as well as the taping of game footage, are both prohibited.

Is it freezing during Enchant Christmas?

Because we moved to Florida earlier this year, we were able to experience Enchant Christmas in Washington, DC in 2019 and this year, 2021, we were able to enjoy Enchant in St. Petersburg, FL.

The nicest thing about Enchant Christmas in Florida is that it isn’t chilly, so you can take your time and fully appreciate everything this festival has to offer. The event will take place at the Tropicana Field, which means it will be held indoors.

They were able to cover the entire roof because it was indoors, making it dark even during the day. The entire roof gives the impression of being under a starry sky. This means you can go to Enchant Christmas at 11 a.m. and see the complete light show.

My entire family had a fantastic day at Tropicana Field; the personnel was wonderful and very kid-friendly, there was plenty of room to wander around without bumping into other people, and it was an overall enjoyable experience.