What Is Internet Media Net On My AT&T Bill?

Thank you for your contribution. I’m also concerned that my spouse is having an affair. On our phone account, which I checked on the ATT website, there are a lot of “internet/media net” costs. To be stealthy, I believe he may have a private email account that he only accesses through his cellphone, like you suggested. What exactly do you mean when you say MSM messages? Is there a way to find out if he has a private email account by using his iPhone? Do you have any other suggestions now that you’ve walked in my shoes? I’m sorry for your loss. Perhaps everything will work out for you in the end.

On a phone bill, what does Media Net internet mean?

Anything that makes use of cellular data qualifies. It doesn’t get rid of it. Email, web browsing, weather, applications and programs, and so on are examples.

What does your ATT bill say?

  • The content of the message and data isn’t available.
  • The volume of your smartphone usage varies, and when usage is excessive, it may result in a longer-than-expected charge.
  • Phone numbers phoned and received, call length, and call time are all included in the voice usage and call information.
  • The phone numbers and times of messages sent and received for text, image, and video communications are included in the messaging usage details.
  • Details about data usage, including download size and timing.

Does AT&T keep track of how much time you spend on the internet?

Every month, we track how much data all of the devices linked to your home network consume. The size of this information is indicated in gigabytes. For each billing cycle, all plans include a data allowance. We’ll also send you an email if you go over your data limit for the first time.

Is it possible to see numbers texted on your AT&T bill?

The Community Forums are a great place to start if you’re new to the site.

On Detail Billing, I’d be pleased to address any question about text texts.

It will show the date, time, and number that sent or received the text in your myAT&T account, but not the contents of the text. This page has further information about what appears on the bill.

Is it possible to remove call history from your AT&T bill?

It is not feasible to remove your account’s call history. Each call log shows either your latest 100 calls or your calls from the last 60 days, whichever comes first. After the first bill is posted, phone consumers will have access to call logs.

Texting Shield

We recommend downloading and using Texting Shield if you want to text individuals without the number appearing on your phone bill. The program gives you with an untraceable texting number that does not appear on your phone bill.


Hushed gives you a one-time use phone number that can’t be tracked or linked to your phone. The number will not display on your phone bill, and you will be able to use the app for private calls and messaging.

Mask my number

Your phone number is disguised as an alphanumeric ID or an actual phone number by the app. Mask My Number allows you to send anonymous text messages without having your phone number appear on your bill.


Burner adds a second line to your phone that you may use to talk, text, or send pictures. It snoops on your phone line and generates several numbers that you can give out to anyone. You won’t need to carry another smartphone if you use Burner.


Pinger is a phone number-replacement app. From a single spot, you may make calls, send SMS messages, set a ringtone, and much more. All of this takes place within the app, so your messages won’t appear on your phone bill.