Where Can I Get Help With Electric Bill Shut Off?

Call 1-877-399-8939 from a landline between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The toll-free number will link you directly with your county’s CEAP service provider. Alternatively, go to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs and click on “Utility Bill Payment Assistance.”

Is it still possible to get Lite Up Texas?

Texas Message LITE-UP In August 2016, the LITE-UP Texas discount program came to an end. The LITE-UP Texas Late Penalty Waiver and Deposit Installment Benefits programs expired on August 31, 2017. You can reach us at 1-866-454-8387 for further details.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP is a government financed program that assists households with their home energy bills.

Utility bill payment assistance is included in the LIHEAP CARES Act. Select “Utility Bill Payment Help” from the Help for Texans menu. Call toll free 877-399-8939 from a landline between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The toll-free number connects you directly to the service provider in your area.

Is it possible to turn off the electricity in Ohio during the winter?

During the winter heating season, from October 18 to April 15, Ohio electric and natural gas customers can use the Winter Reconnect Order (WRO) to reconnect or avoid disconnection of their services. The WRO solely affects investor-owned electric and natural gas utilities in Ohio; it does not affect municipally owned utilities or rural electric cooperatives.

Contact your utility company to use the Winter Reconnect Order. Contact your utility and your local Community Action Agency for information on payment plans and other bill-paying assistance.

  • The order allows any investor-owned utility’s electric or natural gas customer to prevent disconnection or restore their service for $175, even if they owe more and cannot afford to pay the full debt.
  • Customers may be charged up to $36 at the time of reconnecting if reconnection fees apply. If the reconnection charge is more than $36, the rest of the fee may be applied to the following month’s account.
  • Customers who owe more than $175 will be required to work out a payment plan with the utility for the remainder of their past due balance. Enrolling in Ohio’s Percentage of Income Payment Plan may be an option for some clients (PIPP Plus).
  • Eligible PIPP Plus customers with past due amounts larger than $175 may be able to have any outstanding unpaid balance placed in their PIPP arrearage for the winter heating season 2021-2022. Contact your local community action agency for additional information.
  • Consumers who want to start a new service can also use the WRO. Customers who are charged a security deposit by a natural gas or electric utility company that is greater than $175 can pay $175 and the remaining of the deposit will be charged on their next month’s bill.

With food stamps, how can I get a free phone?

The Assurance Wireless offer includes free monthly data, unlimited messaging, and free monthly minutes for qualified low-income households. Individuals who meet federal or state-specific eligibility conditions are eligible to enroll.

TXU, how late can you be on your power payment before it’s turned off?

Before being disconnected, you will be given a 10-day notice. After a mandatory 10-day notice period, your REP may request that the TDU “disconnect” your electric service if you do not pay your energy bill by the due date. When your REP sends you a written Disconnection Notice, the 10-day notice period begins.

What is the best way to go around a switch hold?

A switch hold can be lifted by paying your electrical company any past due balances. The switch hold can take up to 72 hours to be removed once the amount is paid in full.

If you’re a new occupant with a switch hold, you can get it lifted by calling the electricity provider with whom you’re trying to start up service and completing a New Occupant Statement (NOS). At least one of the following documents must accompany new occupant statements:

– Utility bill from a different property in Customer’s name dated within the last two months

Who is liable for non-payment of utility bills?

When there are numerous tenants living in the same house, bill conflicts are common. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the person whose name appears on the bill is ultimately responsible.

This means that if all tenants in a house share or HMO rental unit have their names on a utility bill, they are all equally responsible for debt repayment, even if only one tenant hasn’t paid.

In Texas, how much does Liheap get paid?

In Texas, how much does LIHEAP pay? The Texas LIHEAP program can provide you with up to $1600 in assistance for both your gas and electricity bills.