Where To Pay My Cricket Phone Bill?

  • PayPal is a service that allows you to (My Account only)
  • Refill Card for Cricket (Quick Pay only)
  • Card for Payment of Services
  • Prepaid Credit Cards with Reloadable Balances**

Payment Centers

Payments made in Cricket stores in Connecticut or Vermont are not subject to the Customer Assistance Fee, and payments made to accounts with a Connecticut billing address are not subject to the Automated Phone System Payment Fee. This information is subject to change without notice, and it may be updated or canceled at any moment.

Is it possible for me to pay my cricket bill at Dollar General?

Cricket is now offering their monthly PAYGo service at over 1,700 Dollar General Corporation stores throughout Cricket market areas.

Quick Pay Online

  • Please provide your phone number.
  • Select the right-hand blue arrow next to Service Payment Card.
  • Fill in your credit card information as well as the amount you want to pay.
  • Accept the terms of the agreement.
  • Select Payment Review.
  • Examine your secure payment details. Select Submit Payment if you are pleased with your payment details. If you want to adjust the amount of your payment, select Edit, then Submit Payment.

Automated Phone System

  • To use the payment system, follow these steps:
  • Dial *PAY (*729) from your Cricket phone.
  • Call 1-800-CRICKET from a landline or a non-Cricket phone (274-2538)
  • Complete your Service Payment Card payment by following the steps.

How do I get more minutes on my Cricket phone?

Refill Instructions for Cricket Instant Prepaid

  • Dial 1-800-CRICKET to refill your Cricket phone (or 1-800-274-2538)
  • From your wireless phone, dial *729 (a free call), then press the Send key. To add this card value to your account, follow the instructions.

Is Cricket Wireless going to be shut down?

Cricket Wireless is dedicated to promoting mobile Internet growth and offering the best possible customer experience. As a result, Cricket intends to phase out 3G (UMTS) cellular service by February 2022. Cricket’s mobile Internet network will have more room as a result of this. Cricket will then demand all customers to utilize either a suitable HD Voice device for voice-and-data plans or an LTE-capable data-only device for data-only plans at that time. These network changes will have no effect if you currently have Cricket service on an HD Voice-capable device or an LTE-capable data-only device that is compatible with the Cricket network.

Is it possible to pay at Dollar General with my phone?

Is there a way to pay with a smartphone at Dollar General? Yes, Dollar General provides a smartphone app called DG Go that allows you to scan products while you shop and pay with your phone once you’re done. However, only a limited number of stores accept DG Go payments, so check to see if yours does.

What is the procedure for paying someone else’s phone bill?

A payment to any account can be made by anyone. Call in and tell a representative that you’d like to pay a bill that isn’t yours and provide a phone number from your friend’s account.

What is the procedure for checking my Cricket bill?

Log in to My Account or the myCricket mobile app using your username and password to check your account balance. Your balance will appear as the Amount Due on the Account Summary page in the Billing section.