What Does Studded And Deleted Mean On A Diesel?

#2 – 6th of July, 2011. Aftermarket studs that go over the Ford head bolts are known as ARP Head Studs. The term “studded” refers to ARP head studs, whereas “non-studded” indicates that your truck is stock. I tow 11.5k without studding and haven’t had any problems. However, the EGR (Exhaust Gas Return) has been removed.

What does deleted mean on diesel?

To put it another way, deleting a diesel implies removing some or all of the emissions control equipment. Catalytic converters are the simplest to remove, as all that is required is the installation of a straight pipe in their stead. The process of removing an EGR system is a little more involved, needing blocking plates on the easy end and new exhaust up-pipes on the tough end. The removal of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) or selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system is also simple, requiring only the replacement of the exhaust system. Removing the EGR, DPF, or SCR, on the other hand, necessitates retuning the engine computer to fit the deleted equipment.

What does it mean when a diesel is Bulletproofed?

BulletProof Diesel defines a 6.0L Power Stroke as “bulletproofed” when at least four of the five major problem areas have been solved. Oil cooler, EGR cooler, head studs, fuel injection control module (FICM), and water pump are the five sections.

What does it mean for a 6.0 to be studded?

Head Studs – Each cylinder head on the 6.0L engine is attached to the engine using 10 head bolts. Companies like American Racing Products (ARP) have produced head studs to replace the factory head bolts to assist reduce blown head gaskets.

Why do you delete a diesel truck?

You can save money by deleting your DEF system. These exhaust filters, also known as diesel particulate filters, are put in-line on your exhaust system. Before your exhaust is released into the environment, they filter away a lot of the particles.

How do you tell if your diesel is deleted?

You will be eliminated if your intake horn has a “Blue” plate on it. The factory EGR pipe would be connected there. On the left side of the engine, you’d also have a huge EGR cooler and some cables for a valve; now, you should only have two plates on the exhaust manifold where it would have been.

Can a dealership sell a deleted truck?

A dealer is not allowed to sell a deleted automobile under federal law. It’s better to put it back on so they don’t refuse the transaction or value drops by up to $6k because it was removed.

How much does it cost to bulletproof a diesel?

Finally, in an attempt to burn water, cylinder head pressures rise. The cylinder heads float, destroying the head gasket.

Why the “Bulletproofing 6.0” confusion

Forums on the internet provided “Bulletproof” has taken on a life of its own. Intelligence asserts the internet forum intelligencia “There are several “bulletproof” definitions, but they are all different. (We avoid using the terms “bulletproof” or “bulletproofed” in our marketing because of the confusion.)

Bulletproof To qualify as a Bulletproofed 6.0, Diesel’s newest criteria is to replace four out of five of the following…

We recommend the Bulletproof Diesel Stage 1 — new Ford oil cooler and Bulletproof EGR cooler.

However, that definition of Bulletproofed, in our judgment, feels more like marketing than sound counsel. (So we can choose a $300 water pump over $3500 head studs and it’ll still be “Bulletproofed?”)

Almost 1000 6.0 Ford diesels have been owned and sold by us. Here’s our recommendation based on our years of experience: Get the Bulletproof EGR cooler and Ford oil cooler. This is why.

Bulletproof Oil Cooler is a ton of money.

Bulletproof Diesel is adamant about their oil cooler. They claim it decreases temperatures and prevents the EGR cooler and injectors from failing prematurely. And they are correct. However, such advantages cost roughly $3000-$3500 to install!

What is the best year for Powerstroke diesel?

Except for the model 2017, which experienced a few troubles, the greatest Ford Super Duty Trucks to buy are the models 2012 and any model from 2013 or newer. Ford recalled some of their Super Duty trucks in 2012 due to safety concerns, and the trucks were improved in the years that followed.

But what differentiated some models from others in the eyes of consumers? Continue reading to find out more.

How much does it cost to bulletproof?

Bulletproofing costs can range from $14,000 to over $100,000, depending on the level of protection (as measured by stopping power) and the size of the vehicle. There are numerous reasons why someone would want to drive a bulletproof vehicle.

What does studding a diesel do?

This is a question we get a lot. “Why should I use head studs when repairing my truck’s head gasket?” “Why can’t I just use the factory head bolt?” you might wonder.

The cylinder pressure in a diesel engine is extremely high, which puts a lot of strain on the head gaskets. A torque to yield bolt is the OEM style Head Bolt. This means that you torque the bolt to a specified torque and then, in most circumstances, rotate it 90 degrees to put it at its ideal stretch point. This will result in the fastener’s maximum clamping force.

Over the years of working on diesel trucks, we’ve discovered that adding horsepower via chips, programmers, injectors, and larger (or more) turbochargers puts you at a higher danger of developing high cylinder pressure lower in the RPM range, resulting in a blown head gasket.

The purpose of a head stud is to have a non-stretchable fastener. This is accomplished by employing a high-tensile alloy and a stud rather of a bolt. The stud allows for a tiny thread nut to be used on the top, resulting in more precise head torque.

We strongly advise that everytime you replace your head gaskets, you include the option of putting a fastener that will not stretch and leave you in the position of having to replace another head gasket.

Gillett Diesel Service carries the entire spectrum of ARP Fasteners.

Who wants to take power away from their truck in order to prevent a head gasket from blowing? This is why head studs are installed. Call our trained staff and let them assist you in choosing the right fastener for your application, or shop online.