Where Can I Use My Diesel Direct Fuel Card?

There will be no more low-quality diesel fuel or high-priced diesel refueling garages. With the Diesel Direct (Keyfuels) fuel card and site network, the future is smart forecourts and efficient service, as well as superior fleet cost management and huge savings on diesel/derv.

FREE notification of fixed weekly diesel prices…

We constantly monitor our diesel fuel prices to ensure that we are always competitive with other business fleet fuel card operators, providing your company with diesel fuel prices that are consistently lower than the average diesel pump price in the UK. Weekly diesel prices are advised in advance by email or fax on request.

Diesel Direct SERVICE

  • A countrywide discount diesel network with over 2,800 locations that is of high quality and secure.
  • Morrisons and Somerfield supermarkets, as well as Moto service stations, accept the card.
  • With your Diesel Direct card, you may get a free HGV/truck wash and secure parking anywhere in the UK.
  • Detailed and adaptable fleet fuel analysis reports are available by mail, e-mail, and the internet.

Diesel Direct SECURITY

  • At locations across the UK, you may pay for secure HGV / truck parking with your fuel card.

*Depends on creditworthiness. A minor handling fee applies to some locations on the Diesel Direct network. Unleaded, premium fuels, oils, and lubricants, as well as the M6 Toll, will be subject to a minor extra; please inquire for further details.

Where does my fuel card work?

Fuel cards operate by allowing employees to fill up at any of our network’s gas stations. The firm employee just produces the card to the cashier instead of paying with cash or credit/debit cards. The employee will be billed directly by the employer, and a receipt will be sent as evidence of purchase.

Can you use a fuel card for other things?

A gasoline card can be a fuel debit card or a fuel credit card, but credit cards are the most common. The vast majority of fuel cards issued can only be used at certain petrol stations, such as Shell, Citgo, or Chevron. These cards can be used to pay for gasoline and diesel as well as shop purchases.

Consumers and companies alike utilize fuel cards. They allow consumers to buy gas without having to carry cash with them. When employees use them, employers can pay for petrol expenses directly to card issuers rather than having to ask employees to pay for gas and then request reimbursements.

Who owns Keyfuels?

Keyfuels is a subsidiary of FLEETCOR, a significant global business payments organization based in the United States with offices in 23 countries and over 500,000 commercial accounts.

How do I use my Keyfuels card?

  • Accepted in around 3,150 locations across the United Kingdom, including all Morrisons and Tesco locations, as well as a number of BP, Shell, Texaco, and independent locations.
  • Avoid unauthorised transactions by using cards that are only good for petrol and lubricants.

We hope you can see how the Keyfuels fuel card benefits you and provides you with more than simply gasoline.

If you register for our pump locator, you will be able to save time and conveniently locate your nearest location. On our Drivers Club app, you can also find our pump locator, as well as premium services, significant brand offers, and the newest driving trends and important announcements.

Can I use a fuel card for personal use?

Unfortunately, fuel cards are not ideal for personal usage; this is due to the fact that a fuel card must be registered against a corporation in order to complete the application procedure.

Can you use fuel cards at pay at pump?

Yes, any Allstar card with chip and PIN technology can be used at ‘Pay at Pump’ terminals on the Allstar network while making purchases. When your drivers use our Allstar One Electric fuel card to pay for electric vehicle charging, they can use contactless technology to pay at the charge station.

What fuel cards do Asda accept?

Frequently Asked Questions about the Asda Fuel Card Although Asda does not accept the major UK fuel cards, you can spend them at other supermarket forecourts. At supermarket petrol stations, you can use the fuelGenie card, Texaco Fastfuel card, and a few other amazing fuel cards.

What fuel cards do Tesco accept?

Is Tesco willing to accept fuel cards? Fuel cards are accepted at Tesco. Texaco Fastfuel Fuel Card, FleetOne Fuel Card, fuelGenie Fuel Card, and FuelPlus Fuel Card are some of the options available to your company and its drivers.