Does Disneyland Have Electric Car Charging Stations?

The Disneyland Resort now has 20 ChargePoint charging points on the first level of the Mickey & Friends parking structure for guests with electric vehicles as part of its continuous environmental stewardship efforts. Guests having a ChargePoint account can utilize the service by scanning their ChargePoint card. Those who do not have a ChargePoint account can quickly create one at the charging station or online at

Is there any electric vehicle parking at Disneyland?

Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles ChargePoint charging stations may be found in the Disneyland Hotel’s Fantasy self-parking lot and on the ground floor of the Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel’s self-parking structure.

Is there a charging station at Disneyland?

Purchasing a Charging System for Your Portable Device For $30 plus tax, you can purchase a portable charging system at third-party-operated kiosks throughout the Disneyland Resort. Simply follow the instructions on the kiosk screen to receive a kit that includes: One fully charged portable battery.

Is there a free EV charging point at Disneyland?

ChargePoint is responsible for the charging stations at Disneyland. Setting up a ChargePoint account before your travel is an excellent idea. To use the charges, you must first create an account.

Do you know if Disney has Tesla charging stations?

Do you own a vehicle that is environmentally friendly? Are you planning on driving to Walt Disney World? We’ve got all the information you need, from parking to prices! So start revving your engines and let’s go! This is the Ultimate Guide to Bringing an Electric Vehicle to Walt Disney World!

Despite the outcry over the paper straws, Walt Disney World has been lauded for becoming more environmentally conscientious. In fact, Disney and ChargePoint recently partnered to bring electric vehicle charging stations to Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Disney Springs, and more than ten Walt Disney World Resorts and hotels!

Several Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations may be found throughout Walt Disney World.

The Transportation and Ticket Center is home to Magic Kingdom Park’s main parking lot. There are five ChargePoint stations here, four in the Zurg Parking Lot (Row 400) and one in the Jafar Parking Lot (Row 300)

Five ChargePoint stations may be found at Epcot’s The Journey Parking Lot (Row 1).

Within the Mickey Lot at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there are four ChargePoint stations (Row 300).

Four ChargePoint stations are located in the Medical Parking Lot, immediately in front of the Peacock Lot, in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

There are three ChargePoint stations in each Disney Springs garage! Here’s where to look for them:

Note: While you may prefer the Lime or Orange Parking Garages for various reasons (aren’t we Disney fans enthusiastic about everything? ), the Grapefruit Parking Garage is your best chance owing to its regular availability! Yes, this is most likely due to its closer proximity to Disney Springs. However, it could be worth stopping by here first to save time looking for a parking spot.

You can charge your electric vehicle at the following sites if you are a Walt Disney World hotel guest, a visiting guest, or have a dining reservation:

Though not your normal charging station, the Timon Parking area of the Kidani Village parking garage has multiple Level 1 wall plugs.

Go to the El Centro Parking lot, where there are 6 ChargePoint stations, one of which is marked as a disabled parking area.

For those RV travelers out there, every campground has a Level 1 standard wall outlet and a Level 2 NEMA 14-50 outlet!

Cabins are equipped with a Level 1 standard wall outlet on the cabin’s exterior.

Please keep in mind that while these spots are free, they are positioned just outside each cabin, so you must be staying there or visiting someone. Don’t forget to bring your own cable, too!

Although you may have to look around for them, Level 1 standard wall plugs are available outside each villa. That’s the easy part done! The disadvantage is that they are tied to the air conditioning units, and getting to them may require fighting your way through some plants and foliage. You will also need to supply your own cable.

The new DVC resort has two ChargePoint stations, both of which are located near the main building in the West Parking Lot.

It’s possible that finding this site will be difficult. Make a left after passing through the security booth, then another left, then a right into the parking lot.

If valet parking is your thing, this is a great alternative for you! A wall outlet may be found on Level 1. Simply bring your own cable and let the valet know you’ll be charging your car! The charge is free, aside from regular valet fees.

Outside the parking garage, between Towers 4 and 5, there are two ChargePoint stations.

This resort has two ChargePoint stations, both on Level 2 of the Main Parking Garage, near the stairwell.

There are two TESLA Destination Chargers accessible for valet parking, same like at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando.

Move over, Waldorf Astoria Orlando and Shades of Green, because the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World now has an incredible eight TESLA Destination stations! These eight stations are all dedicated for valet parking alone.

  • Install the ChargePoint app and enter your credit card information.
  • Simply tap your phone to the scanner when you arrive at your station, and the charging cable will immediately unlock.
  • Connect the wire to your electric vehicle and enjoy the ride!
  • That’s all there is to it. In fact, you’ll receive a notification on your phone once your EV is completely transformed!

Note: If you don’t want to enter your credit card information into the app, you can buy a prepaid ChargePoint card instead. The charging wire is released by tapping the card to the reader in this scenario.

If you’re looking for additional charging stations outside of Walt Disney World, check out PlugShare and ChargeHub.

When traveling with an electric vehicle, it’s usually a good idea to bring your own cable, a spare cable, and a few extra adapters in case you need them.

Don’t be afraid to ask a Cast Member for directions if you’re having problems finding any of the listed areas. In fact, the more questions you ask, the more likely Disney is to see the need for more signage and stations!

The Ultimate Guide to Bringing an Electric Vehicle to Walt Disney World is now complete! Do you intend to bring your electric vehicle to Walt Disney World? Do you have any further suggestions that you think we should include in the list? Please let us know in the comments section below!

What is the cost of charging your car in Disneyland?

Did you know that there is plenty of parking for electric vehicles at Disneyland? That’s true, the Mickey & Friends parking complex offers 50 charging stations for your Tesla, Volt, Kona, ID. 4, or virtually any other electric vehicle. The Toy Story Parking Lot and the Pixar Pals parking structure both have dozens of EV charging stations. Despite the fact that the title of this piece is “How to Charge Your Tesla at Disneyland,” the information may be used to charge any electric vehicle in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. The word “Tesla” is in the title because it is the most commonly searched term when it comes to electric vehicles, and the more clicks this post receives, the better for TouringPlans! (It should also make it easier for other readers to find this page and benefit from the good information.)

It’s a good idea to set up a ChargePoint account before visiting Disneyland. All EV chargers at the Disneyland Resort are part of the ChargePoint network, and you’ll need an account to use them.

Inform the Disneyland Resort cast member at the parking toll booths in Mickey & Friends, Pixar Pals, or Toy Story Parking Lot that you’d like to park in an electric vehicle charging place. You’ll be given a blue piece of paper to put under your windshield and escorted to a designated portion of the parking structure. If you’re parking in Mickey & Friends, for example, you’ll be routed to the Chip & Dale level, which is the parking structure’s lowest level.

You are free to park in any accessible location. If you have a handicap placard, there are spots near the front of the row set aside for you.

For every two parking spaces, there is a ChargePoint charging point. To begin, take out your ChargePoint card from your phone’s wallet and place it near the charging station’s front panel. The ChargePoint card on an iPhone will look like this:

One of the plugs will unlock when you tap in, allowing you to remove it from the charging station. If you own a Tesla, keep in mind that you’ll need the j1772 charging adapter that comes with your vehicle. When you plug the charger into your car, it should start charging right away.

The Disneyland Resort’s ChargePoint chargers are a little slow. However, since you’ll be spending so much time seeing Disneyland and DCA, it won’t matter. As you can see, I arrived with roughly 20% of my car’s battery remaining. It would take a stunning 6.5 hours to charge back up to 90% (which is the limit my Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus is set at).

At Disneyland Resort, charging costs $0.35 per KWh. My total for the day I took the photos for this post was $13.01 for 37.84 KWh (which added 199 miles of charge to my Model 3).

You’re ready to go. Now you can spend your day at Disney California Adventure, the world’s largest theme park.

Are you planning a visit to Disneyland? Check out our Disneyland Crowd Calendar, which assesses each day of the year on a scale of 1 to 10 to help you predict how busy Disneyland and DCA will be on your visit. Also, have a look at our Disneyland Touring Schedule. These routes will show you how to avoid the crowds and spend less time waiting in line for your favorite rides. Our itineraries can also be customized! Hundreds of thousands of people use our tools each year, and our in-park team of researchers and data scientists are constantly updating them.

Do you own a battery-powered vehicle? What has been your charging experience at the Disneyland Resort? Do you have any other inquiries? Please leave them in the comments section below.

Is there a Tesla charger at the Grand Californian?

Your EV can be plugged in by the valet, but you must provide your own EV adapter. Tell them you’ll be eating in and they’ll give you 5 hours free parking; otherwise, it’ll cost you $22 for the first hour and $105 for the day.

At Disney, how do you charge your phone?

There are so many incredible photo chances in the Magic Kingdom, and adding Disney’s new app-based planning tool will quickly drain your phone’s battery. There are a variety of external batteries available to ensure you have power on the move, but Disney World has begun testing a way for you to charge your phone for free!

Where they are

  • In the Fantasyland tree stumps across from Rapunzel’s bathroom
  • In Tomorrowland’s Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Caf
  • In Tomorrowland’s Space Mountain Gift Shop

“Charge Your Phones for Free” signs are prominently displayed on each of them.

How they work

To prevent your phone from being stolen, the charging station in Rapunzel’s bathroom requires you to stay with it. Simply insert your phone into one of the charging stations and relax while it charges.

Free lockers are available at both Tomorrowland locations. You use a credit card as your “key,” but your card is not charged. Simply plug in your phone, drop it in the locker, and lock it with your credit card. After that, you can go ride some rides, eat some lunch, or take a break. You use the same credit card to swipe it open when you’re ready to take off again, and you’re set to go.

These free charging stations have proven to be popular so far, and we expect to see them in Animal Kingdom, Epcot Center, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the near future.


  • The tent near Dumbo and Barnstormer, next to Pete’s Silly Sideshow, towards the back of the Storybook circus.
  • Tangled Rest Area: Outside of Fantasyland’s Tangled toilets, there are chairs and tables with outlets for charging your mobile devices (outlets in the “stumps).

Is there EV charging in Magic Kingdom?

Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles A number of ChargePoint charging stations have been installed in the parking lots of Magic Kingdom park, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, and Disney Springs for your convenience.

Is there a supercharger at Disney World?

Make sure to download and explore the app ahead of time so you’re comfortable with all of its features. Set up your account, fill in your vehicle’s information, select your payment method, set up your notification settings, and more ahead of time so that your charging procedure is straightforward when you arrive!

Theme Parks

All four Disney World theme parks have electric vehicle charging facilities. Here’s a basic rundown of where they can be found:

  • 5 spots in the Magic Kingdom There is one parking place in front of the Medical Parking Lot and four parking spaces in front of the Zurg Parking Lot.
  • EPCOT: There are four parking spaces in front of the Journey Parking Lot at EPCOT.