What Is Service Number In Electricity Bill In Ap?

Each connection is assigned a unique APSPDCL Service Number. Your electrical bill will have this 13-digit number displayed on it. This number will be required when making APSPDCL bill payments, registering complaints, and checking bill status, among other things.

In Andhra Pradesh, how can I pay my electricity payment online?

How to Pay AP Electricity Bills Through Paytm

  • Go to the Paytm page for Andhra Pradesh electricity bill payment.
  • Choose your electrical panel.
  • Please enter your customer number.
  • Select ‘Proceed’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Use a coupon code to get a discount on your AP online electricity bill payment. Continue with the payment and you’re finished.

What does the AP category on my power bill mean?

To begin, select an option; if you know what total energy consumption represents, select “Unit known.”

can use the reading known option if you know what the meter’s initial and end readings mean. Then type in the information, hit the calculate button, and you’ll see the current bill.

Current bill Calculation in AP:

The current AP tariff bill is greater than the KSEB and TNEB bills. AP There are three different categories in the current bill: A, B, and C. Consumers who consume less than 75 units of power go into the A category, while those who consume less than 225 units fall into the B category. Finally, if the consumer electricity unit exceeds 225, they fall into the C group.

What does the SC number on my electricity bill mean?

Simply said, you can pay your electricity bill via eSewa when the meter reader hands you the bill. The bill includes a S.C. number, which is formatted in numerical form like 001.02. 30, with the date of the meter reading in the middle.

What does the BillDesk payment mode entail?

BillDesk is an online payment service that allows consumers to arrange, pay, and manage their regular and recurring bills in one place. With BillDesk, customers can receive, review, and pay all of their bills from various sources in one spot. It allows billers and banks to lower processing costs, improve bill presentation, provide customers with online payment options, and improve customer service1.

Many Indian organizations, banks, and businesses in urban Indian cities use the BillDesk platform. Companies in the telecommunications, insurance, utilities, financial services, education, entertainment, charity groups, and e-commerce2 industries are included. In India, the platform processes the majority of online and mobile payments made through aggregator platforms3. BillDesk assisted many Indians who were utilizing outmoded means of payment such as actual paper bills and check-writing to switch to more convenient and secure methods of payment.

If you have a business in India that requires regular monthly payments from clients, BillDesk is a great approach to make it easier for them to pay.

In Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, how can I pay my electricity bill online?

This technique shows how to pay your electricity bill in Visakhapatnam in a variety of ways.

  • Payment of an electricity bill for electricity consumed by a consumer is made to the appropriate state electricity board (department).
  • “The Andhra Pradesh Power Regulatory Commission (APERC) is a state-owned electricity regulatory agency in Andhra Pradesh.
  • In Andhra Pradesh, the government-owned power distribution corporations EASTERN POWER DISTRIBUTION COMPANY OF ANDHRA PRADESH LTD. (APEPDCL) and SOUTHERN POWER DISTRIBUTION COMPANY OF A.P LTD (APSPDCL) are in charge of electricity distribution.
  • Payment of the electricity bill is required.
  • Other methods of payment


  • Residential and commercial customers are charged various amounts. The rate of per unit fee varies from state to state and is determined by the electrical board in each state.
  • Tariff details can be found by clicking on the web link.
  • Tariff link for APEPDCL: online Tariff link for APEPDCL
  • Tariff link for APSPDCL: online Tariff link for APSPDCL
  • Electricity bills must be paid at the appropriate electricity office. Please see the links below for contact information for each Circle. Contact link in a circle
  • To make a payment, go to the appropriate office and pay your bill amount together with the bill.
  • The cashier will provide you a receipt for the amount you made.

Consumers should use the following link to access district-specific contact information, such as addresses and phone numbers, in order to reach any of the following online options.

Departmental revenue cashiers are tasked with collecting cc charges using hand-held equipment. The payment receipt must be given to the customers right away.

E-Seva is a government of Andhra Pradesh initiative that allows customers to pay their electricity bills at designated E-Seva kiosks located throughout the DISCOM.

AP online is a similar project from the state government of Andhra Pradesh that was developed primarily to meet the requirements of the rural communities.

Rajiv EPDCL is an EPDCL program that allows EPDCL customers to pay at section offices.

To collect cc charges and give electronic receipts, a computerized collection counter has been set up.

In an effort to improve customer service, the Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Distribution Company (APEPDCL) has launched an Any Time Payment (ATP) Machine for the convenience of its customers, who can now pay their electricity bills round the clock, 365 days a year, by cash or cheque, and receive a receipt for the amount paid on the consumer’s service number. The ATP machine will eventually accept credit card payments as well.


  • Go to the link for the online portal.
  • Please select “Pay bill online” from the drop-down menu on the provided page.
  • Please fill in the requested information and click “View.”
  • Details for the entered phone number will be provided to the user. To access the payment gateway page, please enter the amount to be paid in the prompted box and select the appropriate option.
  • Please select the type of payment (Credit, Debit, or Net Banking) and enter the relevant information in the given fields before clicking Make Payment to go to the next page.
  • To complete an online payment transaction, the user should follow the screen prompts for the payment mechanism selected.
  • The user will receive a transaction acknowledgement once the payment has been accepted. Please save or print this page for future reference.


  • To go to the next screen, pick “PAY BILL ONLINE Tab” from the supplied page.
  • To proceed to the next screen, the user must select the suitable option from the options provided.
  • Please enter the Service number, then the Verification code, and then click “Submit.”
  • The user will receive information about the service number given. If all of the information is correct, including the bill amount to be paid, click “Submit” to proceed to the payment gateway.
  • The Google Play Store is where you can get this software. The following is a link to the Play Store where you can download the game.
  • The user will be presented with a screen with options to pick from; please select the Pay Bill option to make a payment.
  • When you go to the following screen, fill in the requested information and choose the suitable payment option.
  • When the user reaches the payment gateway screen, he or she can choose the appropriate payment gateway option to complete the transaction.
  • To complete the online payment procedure, please fill in the required information and follow the screen prompts.
  • After the payment is made, you will be required to affirm receipt of the money. It can be saved or printed for future use.
  • The user will be presented with a screen with alternatives to pick from; please select the bill pay option to make a payment.
  • To pay at a BBPS outlet near you, go to the following page and enter your pin code: Link to BBPS outlet
  • Please use the “find nearest Bharat BillPay outlet” option at the bottom of the page to locate the nearest Bharat BillPay store.
  • Enter your pin code in the supplied box and click “Go to the next page with contact information.” Please refer to the website for information on payment outlets and how to pay them directly.
  • For Quick Bill Payment, use the following link to pay according to your bank/non-bank: BBPS is a service that allows you to pay your bills quickly.
  • Please select the appropriate electrical department, follow the screen prompts, and complete the payment process.
  • Users must pay their electricity bills via the private apps. Please double-check with the appropriate department officials to ensure that these service providers are legitimate before making payment.
  • Paytm, Amazon, Freecharge, Mobikwik, and other applications can be used to pay your electricity bill.

What is the procedure for adding an EB number to PhonePe?

To begin, if you haven’t already, download the PhonePe app and follow the steps given below.

  • On the app’s home screen, tap the ‘Electricity’ icon.
  • Choose your electrical board’s name.
  • To get the bill, enter your information and click ‘Continue.’
  • To proceed, select the payment option and tap ‘Pay Bill.’

How do I use Paytm to pay my electricity bill?

Using the Paytm website, pay your electricity bill with your Paytm wallet.

  • Go to the Paytm website and log in.
  • Select ‘Recharge & Pay Bills’ from the drop-down menu.
  • From the drop-down option, choose ‘Pay Electricity Bill.’
  • Select the option to pay your electricity bill.
  • Enter the state, board, and consumer number after that.

Is there a fee for using PhonePe to pay your electricity bill?

You acknowledge and consent to be bound by all PhonePe Policies, including the Privacy Policy, by implicitly or specifically accepting the Recharge & Pay Bills T&Cs.

  • Terms and Conditions for Recharging and Paying Bills
  • Users should be aware that PhonePe is merely a payment facilitator and not a participant to the transactions.
  • PhonePe makes it easy to recharge and pay bills by allowing you to pay for mobile postpaid, prepaid, and landline phone bills, DTH and subscriptions for streaming services, and other utility payments like as electricity and LPG. Credit Card Payment, Insurance Premium Payment, Online Donation, Internet Broadband and Data Card Bill Payment, Municipal Tax & Water Tax Payment, School Fees Payment, Toll Tax Recharge (FasTag), Loan Repayment, and other services provided by PhonePe from time to time that are available under the Recharge and Pay Bills section of the Mobile APP through a) aggregators with whom PhonePe has a contract or b) through the Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit (BBPOU)
  • Recharging and Paying Bills:
  • To make a recharge or bill payment, you must provide your unique customer identity/subscription identity number or bill number, as well as your registered mobile number, registered telephone number, or any other identifier(s) required to retrieve the payment/subscription due or bill value, subscription plan, due date, outstanding amount due, and any other information required to enable payment to your Merchant account.
  • You give PhonePe permission to access, fetch, share, use, and store information about your account with the Merchant for Recharge & Bill Pay Services on an ongoing basis on your behalf for the purposes stated.
  • You recognize that accuracy of information is critical to obtaining the accurate bill and subscription amount, and you agree to ensure and be responsible for the accuracy of the identifier information.
  • You accept that the amount to be paid, recharged, or subscribed to is a contract between you and the Merchant, and PhonePe is under no responsibility to verify its accuracy.
  • You agree to keep your account details up to date and to follow the terms and conditions at all times, otherwise PhonePe will suspend your account and refuse to provide any services.
  • You agree to exchange User identity data, location/state and/or kyc information Or any other personal information with the Merchant/biller for tax/GST purposes in order to provide the Recharge & Bill Pay Services.
  • You agree and permit PhonePe to share your account information with the Merchant, third-party service providers, and aggregators in order to complete the transaction.
  • You also accept that PhonePe may set up a reminder or auto payment feature, to which you expressly approve, and that payment for Recharge and Bill Pay is non-refundable once paid to the Merchant.
  • You are responsible for any duplicate standing payment orders, late payments, or penalties/interest imposed by the Merchant on the payments made. PhonePe solely handles payments to merchants on your behalf, as previously stated.
  • Charges:
  • You expressly agree not to hold PhonePe accountable for any charges for access, third-party payment, or other data fees imposed by third-party payment participants and/or Billers.
  • Your Responsibilities are as follows:
  • You should double-check the transaction’s success or failure using the transaction history and/or notifications.
  • Any charges assessed by the Merchant/Biller in relation to the Recharge & Pay Bills services that are withdrawn from your account or added to your bill / subscription fees are your responsibility.
  • You are responsible for keeping track of your periodic bills, subscription fees, and recharge expiries and or due dates of any utilities/ services or recurring charge services that you have purchased, and PhonePe is not responsible for any technical issues related to periodic retrieval of bills from Billers or any errors / discrepancies in the Bills.
  • You will be responsible for organizing your bill payment, and you acknowledge that payment realization times will vary from Merchant to Merchant, and that we will only make payments based on your instructions. We will not be held liable for any transaction delays, reversals, or failures.
  • Errors Made by Users:
  • If you submit a payment to the wrong party or biller, double pay, or send a payment for the wrong amount (for example, due to a typographical error on your part), your only option is to contact the Merchant/Party to whom you sent the payment and request a refund. PhonePe will neither refund or reverse any payments that you have made in error.
  • Disclaimers:
  • You agree to take full responsibility for all risks associated with online transactions.
  • PhonePe and its third-party partners make no express or implied warranties about the quality of the Services, including, but not limited to: I the Services will meet your requirements; II) the Services will be uninterrupted, timely, or error-free; or III) any products, information, or material obtained by You in connection with the services will meet Your requirements.
  • The Wallet function is offered “as is,” “as available,” and “with all faults” unless otherwise specified above and to the fullest extent permissible by law. All express or implied warranties, representations, conditions, undertakings, and obligations are hereby disclaimed. It is Your obligation to assess the accuracy, completeness, and utility of PhonePe’s Services and any publicly available information. We have not authorized anyone to make any warranty on our behalf, and any such statement should not be relied upon.
  • Other terms include:

By referencing the General Terms, all other terms, such as User Registration, Privacy, User Responsibilities, Indemnification, Governing Law, Liability, Intellectual Property, Confidentiality, and General Provisions, are deemed to be incorporated into these Terms of Use.

In Andhra Pradesh, how do I check my electricity bill?

The issuing of electricity bills has been delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus-induced lockdown. As a result, the slab rate is changing, and people’s electricity bills are increasing. Install the Eastern Power app to avoid this issue. By submitting their KWH reading, one can obtain their electricity bill.

Another app for paying your electricity bill is:

Install the Cointab BHIM UPI app and choose the option to pay your electricity bill. APEPDCL – Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Distribution Company – should be chosen. Enter the electrical connection’s service number. The bill will be automatically retrieved, and the bill amount will be displayed. After you’ve double-checked the information, select a bank account for payment. When you enter your UPI Pin, money will be deducted from your bank account.