Can Butane Be Shipped To California?

If you’ve ever tried to arrange a big hiking trip to a remote place, you’ve undoubtedly also had trouble figuring out how to get camping fuel delivered. You might be asking if you can send camping fuel because flying it isn’t an option.

When the volume of camp fuel canisters containing butane or butane blends is less than one liter, they are securely wrapped, and the shipment is expressly labeled as “ORM-D, Consumer Commodity, Surface Only,” they can be mailed over USPS Ground.

As you can see, there are a lot of requirements that must be completed in order to transport fuel canisters! Here are a few more pointers to help you make the process run as smoothly as possible.

How much butane can you buy in California?

Residents will be limited to 600 milliliters of the chemical solvent, or two standard-size cans, starting next month. Butane sales in the county will be capped at 600 milliliters each transaction, putting comparable restrictions on retailers. Every sale will also require sellers to keep track of the date, amount, and client ID. Each month, no consumer may acquire more than 600 milliliters of butane.

The restrictions, which were enacted as part of a county law on May 23, will take effect on June 22. Assembly Bill 1120, which would expand those limitations statewide, is being considered by state legislators.

While it is already illegal for unlicensed individuals to use butane or other volatile chemicals to produce cannabis concentrates under state law, supporters of the new restrictions point out that the number of injuries linked to the production of butane hash oil (BHO) has been rising over the last decade as concentrates have grown in popularity.

Amazon (or other marketplaces)

  • Look through the individual products to pick a brand that appeals to you. Pay attentive attention to the feedback from customers!

Remember to factor in delivery fees and time. The majority of large marketplaces, such as Amazon and Walmart, will offer free shipping. If you have Amazon Prime, you can obtain your butane torch two days after placing your order.

Manufacturer’s website

Although manufacturers may not always sell things on their official website, it never hurts to look. Simply Google “where to buy (brand name) butane” if you already have a manufacturer in mind.

If I wanted to buy Jo Chef butane or a butane torch, for example, I would type in “where to get Jo Chef Butane.” On the top page, there is an Amazon result followed by the manufacturer’s website at the time of my search.

When you visit Jo Chef’s website, you’ll notice that they just link to Amazon to sell their products.

Other markets, such as Target and Walmart, may appear in the Google search results depending on the brand.

Local home improvement or hardware store

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Amazon or from the manufacturer, go to your local Lowes or Home Depot. Butane may be available at home improvement stores.

When purchasing butane from your local store, be aware that it may not be compatible with your torch’s brand. It’s critical to purchase refined butane if you want your torch to last a long time.

Why is it so hard to find butane?

Butane isn’t particularly difficult to come by; in fact, many gas stations provide it. However, the vast number of cartridges available for the dozens of different types of camping stoves may make it difficult to locate butane for your camping stove. Many camping stoves are meant to be compact, thus cartridges that are long and cylindrical, similar to the shape of a hairspray aerosol can, with a nozzle that is pressurized when placed into the camping stove, will be available.

Other butane camp fuels are actually butane and propane mixtures that come in screw-top canisters, while others must be perforated and are only intended to be used once.

Furthermore, many camping stoves use proprietary gas blends and fuel canister form factors, so you won’t be able to find your precise camp stove butane canister at your local sports goods store.

While the gas blend has no bearing on whether it may be burned, if a gas fuel canister brand uses proprietary canisters, you are obligated to purchase fuel from that company.

The standardized butane cartridges should be available at most sporting goods stores as well as large merchants like Walmart and Target.

If you’re camping near a big city, this method works well, but it’s more difficult if you’re far from civilization.

Can I ship fuel canisters?

Fuel canisters are prohibited in the mail, according to it—right it’s there in the picture. However, if the box is marked “ORM-D” and/or “Surface Delivery Only,” according to USPS standards provided on the USPS website, you can transport backpacking fuel canisters and non-pressurized liquid gasoline.

Do they sell butane at Target?

Target does not sell butane items in stores or online, but it does sell lighter fluids and propane gas cylinders, which are acceptable substitutes.

Do they sell butane at Walgreens?

Walgreens sells a variety of lighter-related accessories in addition to lighters. For filling lighters and other uses, we have lighter fluid and butane fuel on hand.