Where To Pay My Piedmont Natural Gas Bill Today?

Pay your Piedmont Natural Gas account using Speedpay for same-day processing to avoid disconnection or late fees. Call toll-free 866.316.3356 any time of day or night. Customers in South Carolina will be charged $3.50 for this service through Speedpay.

Is it possible for me to pay my Piedmont Natural Gas payment at Walmart?

Is it possible to pay my utility bills at Walmart? Customers can pay their gas, electric, and other utility bills in-store or online at Walmart.

Is Piedmont Natural Gas owned by Duke Energy?

In North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, Piedmont Natural Gas, a Duke Energy business subsidiary, is the trusted natural gas provider for residential and commercial customers.

What types of bills are accepted at Walmart?

Walmart has links with over 15,000 billers, allowing you to pay a wide range of bills. Auto, cable, credit cards, electric, gas, insurance, loans, mortgages, phones, rent, utilities, and other bills can all be paid online. In the Walmart app, go to the Money Services section and search for a biller.

At Kroger, what invoices can I pay?

  • Bills for water usage. Pay your most recent water bill at your local Money Services while you go grocery shopping.
  • Payments for rent or a mortgage
  • Bills for cell phones.
  • Bills for natural gas.
  • Bills for phone and internet service.
  • Bills from credit cards
  • Bills for cable and satellite television.

What is the best way to pay my PNG bill online?

The gas meter reader usually gets the reading from the customer’s home once every two months, and then the gas bill is generated.

However, you can now save money on your gas payment by self-billing. This can be accomplished by installing the IGL Connect app on your phone or tablet.

You can now save Rs 15 on your IGL PNG bill in the next billing cycle by self-invoicing.

Self-billing allows a consumer to initiate the billing process by punching his or her meter reading into the IGL connect app. The IGL Connect app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Self-billing should be done in the following manner:

Step 1: Use your BP number and registered mobile phone to log in to the IGL Connect app. Make sure you’ve signed up for E-bill for faster bill processing and delivery to your registered email address.

How can I save money on gas?

If your boiler is more than 12-15 years old, costs a lot of money to run, and breaks down frequently, it’s time to replace it. ‘Heating our homes accounts for over half of our annual household energy expenses,’ explains Victoria Billings, Director of Marketing at Worcester Bosch. That’s why, in order to save money on your gas bill and help the environment, you’ll need an efficient and cost-effective heating system.

‘While a new boiler can be costly (up to $1,000), it’s a wise investment because a modern one will drastically reduce your bills,’ explains Andrew Collinge. Vaillant, a heating firm, agrees, claiming a 30% reduction in rates for households who purchase one of its energy-efficient boilers.

‘All modern boilers are condensing boilers with a big heat exchanger,’ says the author. As a result, more heat is recovered and colder gases are delivered up the flue, increasing efficiency,’ explains Andrew Collinge. ‘To put it another way, new A-rated boilers (any boiler with an efficiency of over 90%) can provide 90p or more of heat for every 1 invested.’

‘In previous models, though, this is 60-80p for every one.’ It’s also good for the environment to replace your old boiler. Because a more efficient boiler uses less fuel to heat your home, it reduces your carbon footprint,’ he explains.

Turn down the water temperature

You should be able to lower the temperature of the hot water that comes out of your faucets and shower heads using the controls on your boiler. You’re likely squandering gas and money if the water that comes out of it is too hot to touch, so lower it down a few degrees until you achieve the ideal temperature.

Invest in a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat allows you to control your heating system from anywhere in the world using an app on your phone or tablet. Some will store your daily routine and figure out how to make the most of it, while others will adjust their settings based on the weather. ‘Some smart thermostats can also alter the temperature of your boiler output to ensure that it’s constantly running at peak efficiency,’ Brian says.

What is the odor of natural gas?

Natural gas is odorless. To give it that unmistakable “rotten egg” scent, gas firms use a non-toxic chemical called mercaptan. In Connecticut, all natural gas and propane pipeline gas is odorized. If you smell gas near an appliance, it could just be a blown pilot light or a slightly open burner valve.

Is it true that Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas have merged?

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina Duke Energy has completed its purchase of Piedmont Natural Gas, and the deal is now complete. Piedmont will keep its name and operate as a Duke Energy business subsidiary. Charlotte is the headquarters of both companies.

Is Piedmont Natural Gas subject to regulation?

Customers of natural gas utility companies should be aware of their rights and responsibilities, as well as who to contact if they have questions or problems about regulated natural gas service, according to the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff (“ORS”) and the Public Service Commission of South Carolina (“PSC”). South Carolina Electric & Gas Company and Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc. are two of the state’s regulated natural gas utilities.


1. If you meet the following requirements, you have the right to establish natural gas service where it is available: a) provide satisfactory identification and credit worthiness, b) provide necessary and reasonable access to your property, c) your use of the natural gas service does not pose a hazardous or dangerous condition, and d) natural gas service is already available in your area. You may or may not have the right to have natural gas lines connected to your home if there are none nearby. You may be forced to pay a portion of the cost of the extension if the lines are extended to serve you. You should contact the natural gas provider that serves your area if you have any queries concerning your right to natural gas service.

2. You have the right to have natural gas service provided you can prove your identification and credit, and neither you nor any member of your family owes the natural gas company any money. If any of the following criteria apply, you may be required to pay a deposit: a) you have had two (2) consecutive 30-day arrears in the last twenty-four (24) months or more than two (2) non-consecutive 30-day arrears in the last twenty-four (24) months; b) you are unable to provide an acceptable co-signer or guarantor who is a customer of the same natural gas utility with good credit, within the State of South Carolina, to guarantee payment of unpaid bills up to the amount of the maximum deposit; c) You have the right to have the utility’s workers explain all of the terms and conditions of getting service to you.

3. If a deposit is required, it cannot be more than an amount equal to an estimated two (2) months (60 days) billing for a new customer, or an amount equal to the total actual bills of the highest two (2) consecutive months based on the previous twelve (12) months’ experience, or for a portion of the year if the service is seasonal for an existing customer.

4. If you make a deposit with the utility, you have the right to have it returned after two (2) years unless you have had two (2) consecutive 30-day arrears in the previous twenty-four (24) months or more than two (2) non-consecutive 30-day arrears in the previous twenty-four (24) months, or your service has been terminated for nonpayment or fraudulent use, or you discontinue service with the natural gas utility. Interest is paid on deposits kept for more than six (6) months at a rate set by the PSC.

5. You have the right to avoid late payment costs if you pay your bill for current monthly charges within twenty-five (25) days of the billing date listed on your natural gas bill. To cover the expense of collection and carrying accounts in arrears, a maximum of one and one-half percent (11/2%) may be charged to any unpaid amount not paid within twenty-five (25) days of the billing date.

6. Before your natural gas service is discontinued for non-payment, you have the right to receive written notification from your natural gas utility. The letter will include contact information for the utility, the total amount outstanding, the date and amount of the most recent payment, and the due date or satisfactory payment arrangements for installment payments.

7. You have the option of designating a third person (for example, a friend, relative, or organization) to get a copy of your service disconnection notification. This party may be able to assist you in making payment arrangements in order to keep your service from being disconnected, but it is not bound to pay your account.

8. During the months of December through March, you have the option of deferring service disconnection by submitting an authorized medical certificate to the natural gas utility at least three (3) days prior to service disconnection or to the utility’s disconnection crew at the time of disconnection. A licensed physician must sign the medical certificate application issued by the natural gas utility, declaring that disconnection of service would be particularly detrimental to your health or the health of a member of your household. You must sign the certificate confirming that you are unable to pay the expenses owing for your natural gas service in installments. A certificate will expire on the 31st day after the physician has signed it. This certification may be renewed up to three (3) times for a total of thirty (30) days each time. (To avoid possible disconnection when the medical certificate expires, you must make a good faith attempt to make payments for natural gas service delivered during the period covered by the medical certificate.) You are still responsible for paying for natural gas service despite the medical certificate.)

9. If you can establish that you are unable to pay the amount owed, you have the right to negotiate with the natural gas provider for a deferred payment plan to pay in installments before your service is disconnected. You must pay the installment payment and the current month’s charges in full by the past due date under this deferred payment plan. This deferred payment plan requires monthly installment payments of at least 1/6 of the arrears balance for a maximum of six (6) months. If you are presently enrolled in a deferred payment plan, you are not eligible for another one. If you do not meet the terms and conditions of the delayed payment plan, the utility may discontinue your account.

10. If you have been overcharged by a natural gas utility due to a misapplied schedule, a meter reading error, a skipped meter reading, or any other human or machine error, you have the right to a credit or refund of the excess amount paid, up to the appropriate statute of limitations.

11. You have the right to pay the deficient amount resulting from the natural gas utility undercharging you in equal installments if the natural gas company undercharged you for any cause other than customer fraud or theft. A misapplied schedule, an error in reading the meter, a skipped meter reading, or any other human or machine error could result in undercharges that are not the consequence of consumer fraud or theft. The same amount of installments will be added to your bill over the same number of billing periods that you were undercharged.

12. If you suspect a fault, you have the right to have the natural gas company evaluate the accuracy of the meter supplying your home. If the test is requested more than twelve (12) months after the meter was installed or the previous time the meter was checked for accuracy, it will be performed free of charge. When the natural gas utility tests the meter, you have the right to be there or select a representative to be present. You have the right to be informed of the meter test findings. If an overcharge or undercharge occurs as a result of a fast or slow meter with a registration error of more than two percent (2%), the bills will be adjusted for a period of up to six (6) months.

13. You have the right to request assistance from the natural gas company in determining the most cost-effective rate schedule, as well as information on meter reading and billing procedures.

14. In the event of an emergency or unscheduled interruption in your natural gas service, you have the right to contact the natural gas provider at any time.

15. You have the right to a fast and complete investigation of your concerns by the natural gas provider.

16. You have the right to see the natural gas utility’s written procedures for service termination due to nonpayment for special needs account customers and for all residential customers during extreme hot or cold weather conditions upon request. On their websites, all gas utilities must publish their procedures for terminating service.

17. You have the right to contact the ORS’s Consumer Services Department if you have a complaint against a natural gas provider that you haven’t been able to resolve on your own. In order to resolve your concern, the Consumer Services Department will engage with you and the natural gas utility. The ORS is situated in Columbia and can be accessed at www.regulatorystaff.sc.gov or by dialing toll free 800.922.1531 or local 803.737.5230.

18. You have the right to make a formal complaint with the PSC and request a hearing if you are unable to address your problem by working with the natural gas utility or the ORS’s Consumer Services Department. You must fill out the PSC complaint form to make a complaint with the PSC. This form, which can be completed and filed online, is available at www.psc.sc.gov. You can also contact the PSC at 803.896.5100 for a copy of the complaint form, as well as instructions on how to fill it out. If you prefer to file a paper copy of your complaint with the PSC, you can do so by hand-delivering it to 101 Executive Center Drive, Columbia, SC 29211; mailing it to Post Office Drawer 11649, Columbia, SC 29211; or faxing it to 803.896.5199.

The ORS and the PSC want to make you aware of your consumer rights and duties, as well as those of your natural gas company. As a customer of a regulated natural gas company, this statement summarizes your rights. The natural gas utility’s services are not all regulated. More specific provisions can be found in the law, commission rules and regulations, and the natural gas utility’s tariffs.

Is Duke Energy a for-profit corporation?

Duke Energy Indiana is a regulated public utility that primarily provides electricity generation, transmission, distribution, and sale in Indiana. Duke Energy Indiana serves 810,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers across a service area of 23,000 square miles.