How To Get Free Satellite TV Without Dish?

You must have at least one receiver on your account in order to keep it open. You don’t have to pay extra for the first receiver with numerous account kinds. Other account types have a cheaper pricing, but each receiver has their own line item on the bill. Honestly, it doesn’t make a difference what you do. The point is that you can’t have a receiver count of 0 on your account.

However, this does not imply that you will ever need to install anything. If all you wanted was the streaming apps, you’d never need to set up anything if you were ready to create an account and have everything activated by Solid Signal.

What is the best way to obtain free-to-air channels?

Always read the instructions provided carefully before installing your digital decoder. The material below shows how to install a digital decoder and is not intended to replace the instructions that came with the decoder.

  • Remove the aerial cable from the back of the TV and attach it to the digital decoder’s ANT IN connection.
  • Connect one end of the video cable to the decoder’s TV socket and the other end to the television.
  • Connect the power cords for your decoder and TV to a wall outlet.
  • Turn on the decoder and the television. The new digital decoder should be detected immediately by your TV, but if it isn’t, simply pick station AV1 on your TV remote control.

Is it possible to use satellite for free?

One of the most significant advantages of using free-to-air satellite TV channels is the cost savings. This can happen in a number of ways:

  • By not having to pay for a television subscription.
  • By avoiding the need to purchase a set-top box or digital receiver.
  • By avoiding the need to purchase or rent movies or television shows.
  • You can do this by using a satellite dish that you already own.

A home FTA channels system can help you save money while still allowing you to watch your favorite movies, TV series, and sports games.

You can have access to a large number of free-to-air channels without having to pay for a subscription by installing a satellite dish and receiver.

You may also watch your favorite content in high definition with surround sound if you invest in a good home entertainment system. This can create a significantly more immersive experience than typical over-the-air television.


If you want to watch your favorite TV episodes, sports games, and movies without having to pay for cable or satellite service, a home FTA satellite TV system could be the answer.

You can obtain free access to premium material without a membership by following a few simple steps, which include choosing the correct dish and receiver. BBC World News, BBC Entertainment, BBC Knowledge, KICC, NHK World, and more are available on popular satellites such as Hot Bird, Intelsat, Eutelsat, Astra, and Amazonas.

Is it possible to watch free-to-air television without an aerial?

The truth is that you won’t be able to watch live TV without an antenna or a viable alternative. Without one, you’ll be able to view all of the catch-up and on-demand streaming services, but you won’t be able to see items as they air.

There are some apps that allow you to watch live TV through them, but the most of them aren’t very good. Another alternative is to check into indoor aerials, which may be a cost-effective way to get Freeview operating on your television.

So, what can you do if you don’t want to acquire an aerial but still want to watch live sports and TV shows? Here are a handful of the more effective methods.

Satellite Options

You may or may not have an aerial tied to your home, depending on your situation. However, you may have access to a satellite dish. If you have a satellite dish that you can connect to, there are a few simple ways to receive Freeview using it.


If you have a satellite dish, the quickest way to obtain Freeview is to acquire a Freesat box. They’ve been around for more than a decade, despite their increasing popularity in recent years.

The BBC and ITV collaborated on Freesat to encourage you to install Freeview in your home. It’s essentially a satellite version of a Freeview box, however having a Freesat Box has several advantages.

The major incentive to have a Freesat box is that it offers a lot more channels than a basic Freeview boxdoesn’t it have more than double? This includes radio channels as well, although if they’re both the same price, it’s a good reason to choose one.

Your insurance coverage will almost certainly play a role in your decision. Many folks still can’t get a good signal from their TV antenna because their area isn’t covered. With satellite, however, this is not the case, as the entire country is capable of receiving a signal.

A Freesat box is a fantastic purchase if you’re thinking about buying a satellite or already have one.


Sky is, without a doubt, the most well-known alternative to watching Freeview channels on your TV without an aerial.

This may not be a good solution for some people, especially if you don’t already have a satellite dish. However, Sky usually doesn’t charge much to install a satellite, and once it’s up, you won’t have to pay anything again.

You might be wondering if, in the future, you’ll need a satellite dish to watch Freeview on Sky. The truth is that Sky’s goal with the SkyQ box is to eliminate the need for a satellite in the future. As a result, this could be a possibility in the future.

To watch Sky and Freeview with your Sky Box, you’ll need a satellite for the time being.

AlternativeUse an Old Sky Box

Another important reason to choose a satellite dish over an aerial is that they are typically less expensive. So, even if you don’t have a satellite dish, getting one is rather simple.

However, if you already have a satellite, you can receive Freeview by purchasing an old Sky Box. You can get these for a very low price on eBay, and you won’t have to commit to a long-term Sky contract.

Even if you don’t have Sky channels, you can access Freeview on any Sky box for free. As a result, this could be a fantastic approach to save money.

Cable Options (Virgin Media)

What can you do if you don’t have both an aerial and a satellite dish? You’ll have to look into getting Freeview channels in a different manner.

You may or may not be aware that you do not require an antenna to watch Virgin Media programming. Obviously, Virgin Media bundles include Freeview, so this is a simple way to access Freeview without having to use an aerial.

The primary issue for Virgin Media customers is that it may be somewhat costly, especially for some of their comprehensive packages. This is especially true if you want to watch live television sports on your TV rather than just Freeview Play.

However, you can discover packages with a small number of channels that are substantially less expensive. Plus, if you currently have Virgin for your broadband, you should be able to get a better TV offer.

Internet Options

Another option for getting Freeview on your TV without relying on an aerial or a satellite is to use the internet. What exactly do I mean? Here are a few options for getting Freeview via your internet connection.

Streaming Stick

Using a streaming stick is the simplest, and possibly cheapest, way to access Freeview on your TV.

What exactly do I mean? You’ve undoubtedly heard of an Amazon Fire Stick or a Roku Stick, right? These are simply sticks or dongles that you insert into your television to connect to your wireless network.

These streaming sticks allow you to download apps to view on your television. They offer a wide range of alternatives, and one of the apps available for download on a Fire stick is TV Player.

This app allows you to watch BBC channels, as well as many of the channels available through Freeview on a Firestick in general. So, simply obtaining a streaming stick is one way to get these channels.

Get a Smart TV

A streaming stick is frequently described as “converting your regular TV into a smart TV.” This is really rather accurate, as many smart TVs will come pre-loaded with Freeview.

This eliminates the need for a second device, and you’ll be able to watch all of your favorite shows right on your television. There’s no Freeview box, no extra hardware, just the TV.

Another advantage of having a smart TV is that you can access a plethora of apps. This includes well-known apps such as Netflix as well as UK-specific apps such as Now TV.

The only difficulty with this is that they can be quite costly. If you’re interested in a smart TV, have a look at this 65-inch smart TV buying guide for the finest possibilities.

Of course, you’ll need an aerial if you want to watch live television on your smart TV. Without one, you can still view applications like ITV Hub and Amazon Prime Video. However, anything live will necessitate the purchase of an aerial.

Which satellite offers the most number of free channels?

Eutelsat is the satellite company with the most subscription-free channels, with over 400 across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, and over 300 in Sub-Saharan Africa.

What is the most affordable satellite TV provider?

The cheapest satellite TV provider is DISH. You may receive 190 channels for $60 per month (plus taxes and fees). DIRECTV is the most expensive in the long run, despite the fact that it appears to be less expensive than DISH at first glance due to price increases after the introductory period.

DIRECTV options, for example, start at roughly $50 per month, plus taxes and fees (albeit these plans do not include NFL SUNDAY TICKET). However, your price roughly doubles after 12 months of your 24-month commitment. DISH is less expensive, but DIRECTV dominates in terms of sports content, especially if you enjoy football.

I don’t have an antenna, therefore how can I obtain TV channels?

If you’re wondering if you can watch free television without an antenna, the answer is a resounding yes. You will be relieved to learn that all you require is access to the internet. While an antenna is not required, you must keep an eye on your online material.

Freeview and other online platforms can allow you obtain digital TV services over the internet. Freeview brings together a number of channels that may be accessed with any web browser.

You’re certainly familiar with Netflix, which is the most popular internet TV provider in Australia, but there are a few other options:

You can now watch Youtube and Amazon on your digital television. In most situations, you’ll have to pay a monthly charge to use the services mentioned above.

What is the procedure for setting up satellite channels?

Follow these steps to add TV channels directly onto your TV:

  • Select: on the TV’s remote control by pressing the “Settings” button.
  • “OK” when you’ve made your selection.
  • If there are many satellites, multi-switches, or subscribers connected, selector.
  • Different configuration types can be modified as needed in “Settings.” Follow these steps: