How To Check Phone Numbers On Verizon Bill?

Look at the call information under the Bill portion of your My Verizon account online.

Can you view the numbers that have been phoned on your Verizon account?

If you’re an Account Owner/Manager logged into the desktop version of My Verizon, you can check the current billing cycle’s call records by hovering over My Usage at the top, then choosing View Usage; then clicking Minutes on the left-hand side.

On my Verizon, how do I see phone numbers?

Call History in the My Numbers app

  • Tap on the Home screen of the My Numbers app. Recent events (at the bottom).
  • View the call history from the ‘Recents’ screen. Select the preferred number of subscriptions if you have more than one. Tap the dropdown menu to filter by call type.

How can I view the numbers that were texted to me on my Verizon bill?

You can access the past 90 days of text logs via your on-line bills if you’re in into My Verizon as Account Owner/Manager. You can access the past 90 days of text logs via your on-line bills if you’re in into My Verizon as Account Owner/Manager.

Is it possible to see the phone numbers that were phoned on your bill?

Yes, both your call and text history will appear on your statement. Keep in mind that it will only display the number you texted, not the message itself. It’s also worth noting that the bill can be viewed online.

How do I view a list of all the numbers I’ve dialed?

  • Open the Phone app on your device.
  • Each call in your list will have one or more of these icons next to it:
  • Incoming calls that were not answered (red)
  • Incoming calls that you answered (blue)
  • Calls you made (both incoming and outgoing) (green)

On Verizon, how do I view my call and text history?

You must be logged in as the Account Owner in order to do so.

Click the blue View Current Usage button next to My Usage to see your current usage.

Then, under Minutes, Messages, and Data, click the corresponding blue icons to get breakdowns.

Click View Bill to see prior history (18 months of call logs and 90 days of text/data logs), then use the drop-down to select the billing period you want to see.

Select the relevant phone line from the drop-down menu under the Calls/Messages/Data tab.

Select the relevant blue button for phone, message, or data records under that.

Is it possible for the primary account holder to see text texts from Verizon?

An account owner, 1DHOY1, does have access to use information. They are, however, unable to view the substance of the mails. Setting up integrated messaging with Verizon Messages + is the only way for the line’s actual user to see their own content.

Is it possible to get Verizon text messages?

Verizon Wireless cannot legally provide a printout of the content of messages sent/received from any wireless device; the only way to get text details about dates, times, origination, and destination of a message is to log into your My Verizon account and go to My Bill under bill details, or My Services under usage and messaging details.

Alternatively, the only other way to get further information from Verizon Wireless is to file a subpoena with your local authorities. VZW will always work with the police if the proper precautions are taken. In cases of harassment, the first step should be to file a police report.