How To Check Bescom Electricity Bill Payment Status?

Viewing and Payment of Bills by Account Number (RAPDRP Model)

  • Bangalore One Portal allows citizens to pay their electricity bills ( Payments will be processed in a very secure environment.
  • To obtain Bill information, the citizen must provide an Account Number. Before submitting the transaction, double-check the information you’ve retrieved.
  • Net Banking Debit/Credit Card is accepted as a payment method. VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMEX CARDS are accepted.
  • Before submitting the transaction, double-check the amount entered. ‘.’ will not be accepted in the amount box (dot).

*For example, instead of typing 250.00 Rs, your credit card would be charged 25000 Rs.

*Regardless, you will be presented with a slew of disclaimers before being allowed to proceed with the transaction.

  • On successful transaction, a receipt will be generated containing the unique B1 Transaction Number and bill details.

What is Bescom’s billing cycle?

Under a new billing method, all Bescom customers will receive their electricity invoices on the 15th of every month starting next month. There are 58.79 lakh customers in the system, with 15.68 lakh of them having a billing cycle that falls after the 15th of each month.

Improved monitoring According to a Bescom announcement, the decision to sync the billing cycle was made to allow for “better revenue collection monitoring, precise monthly measurement of aggregate technical and commercial (AT&C) losses, and evaluation of the performance of sub-division offices.”

Billing and payment for all Bescom customers will be completed within the same month under the new method.

If a consumer is billed on May 12, for example, he or she will have 15 days to pay the bill. As a result, the cycle will be limited to a single month.

Customers whose meter readings were taken after April 15 will be invoiced pro-rata from the last reading date to the new reading date starting this month.

How do I find out what my RR number is?

I tried to explain things to you using an old bill. The identical procedure may be seen on the official website. Referencing the bill is the best way to obtain any of the three numbers. Furthermore, while paying an internet bill, numbers are quite significant. Your RR number can be easily located on your meter board. So, check your meter board and head over there. So, my personal recommendation is to seek for the RR number on your meter board. Referring to your prior bill for customer ID or account ID is the best alternative. If none of the other options work for you, you can seek assistance from a customer service representative. Know Your BESCOM Account ID/Customer ID is the key. Keep yourself safe and happy.

How do I check the status of my BESCOM bill using the RR number?

This page explains how to browse through the links while utilizing Bangalore One Portal’s “BESCOM Viewing and Payment of Electricity Bills by Sub-division and RR Number” feature to pay a BESCOM electricity bill online.

Operating Instructions:

  • Enter the customer’s mobile phone number. It’s a field that can be left blank. The goal is to collect the phone number and deliver value-added services in return.
  • Choose a Sub-Division from the drop-down menu. This field must be completed. (In order to make a successful Bill payment, the user must know these information.)
  • In the ‘RR No’ field, type the RR number. This field must be completed. (In order to make a successful Bill payment, the user must know these information.)
  • To access information from the BESCOM department database, click the Search Button. The details will be presented in the appropriate fields in the interface once they have been retrieved.
  • The user must check the facts, and after satisfied that the information is valid, he or she can choose a payment mechanism from the list.
  • Before hitting the Submit button, the user must double-check the bill and payment information.
  • The ‘Services’ page will be displayed if you click on the “Services” button.
  • Select “Submit” from the drop-down menu. Before proceeding to the UTI Payment Gateway, the application displays a Confirmation Screen to double-check bill and payment data.
  • After you’ve double-checked the amount and bill details, click the “Confirm Payment” button. The application takes you to the UTIBANK Payment Gateway page.
  • Enter the card’s expiration date. Month is in the first column, followed by Year in the second column.
  • On the signature panel of your card, enter the security code, which is the three numbers after the card number.
  • When you click the “Pay” button, you will receive a receipt for the transaction.
  • On the page that says “Receipt,” type “receipt” in the box To get a printout of the above receipt, click the “Print” button.

Is it possible to get a copy of my BESCOM bill online?

You can get a copy of a duplicate BESCOM bill here and pay it online. This will assist consumers who have missed a hard copy bill and who wish to pay their bills online in order to avoid service interruption.

Is it possible to pay our BESCOM bill online after the due date?

How do I pay my Bescom bill after it’s past due? You can use the MobiKwik app or website to pay your BESCOM bill after the due date. Go to the ‘Recharge and Bills’ page and fill in the necessary information, such as the operator and bill amount, before clicking the ‘Pay’ button. The penalty or late fee may be applied to the bill amount.

What does RR number stand for in its entire form?

The number assigned to the Consumer’s installation is referred to as the R.R. No. or ‘Revenue Register Number.’ 1st example Sample No. 2 The number assigned to the Consumer’s installation is referred to as the R.R. No. or “REVENUE REGISTER NUMBER.” 1st example

Hescom, how do I check my electricity bill online?

Step 1: Go to and fill out the form.

. Step 3: Enter your Account ID > Type the Text in the box provided > Click Continue. On the screen, you can now see the status of your bill.

What happens if the Bescom bill isn’t paid?

If a customer fails to pay their invoices, the licensee must send a notification to the customer at least 15 days after the due date. The notice must include the following information: The notice must state that the consumer has failed to pay bills by the due date.