How To Transfer Butane From One Torch To Another Torch?

When the two torches are properly positioned and connected to the gas saver valve, push the gas discharge button on the gas saver, and the transfer between the two torches will occur. Return the two torches to their upright positions on their stands as soon as the operation is through (it should be pretty rapid). When refilling a torch with butane from a store bought canister, the gas should be allowed to settle before using the torch.

Can you put butane back in the canister?

Refilling with butane is relatively safe. Under no circumstances should you fill backpacking canisters with 100 percent propane. The next stage in the refilling process is to connect everything.

Can you refill butane bottles?

All GAS IT bottles and tanks are specifically intended to be self-refillable at any Autogas station or LPG pump worldwide. The refilling of GAS IT systems in the United Kingdom is quite simple and is no more difficult than filling up your car or van with gasoline or diesel.