How To Self Install Comcast Xfinity Internet?

Is it simple to set up Xfinity internet on your own?

That’s all there was to it. But don’t worryinstalling Xfinity Internet on your own is simple. You’ve got it.

  • Take off the coaxial cable (also known as “coax”). Connect one end to the wall socket (it’s a small metal nubby thing). Twist until it’s completely tight.
  • Connect the other end of the cable to your xFi Wireless Gateway’s coaxial input (the little matching nubby thing). Twist the appropriate way until it’s tight.
  • Now take the power cable and plug one end into the Gateway (don’t worry; you’ll know which one).
  • Your Gateway should turn on by itself. If not, hit the power button to give it a friendly nudge.
  • Keep an eye out for the globe-shaped online connection light to turn on. It may take up to 20 minutes to complete.

How long does Xfinity Internet take to activate?

It could take up to 10 minutes for your Gateway or modem to be ready to use. Before moving on to the following step, double-check that the lights appear as specified below. During this procedure, do not unplug your Gateway or modem.

Is a cable outlet required with Xfinity?

The decision to self-install is mostly based on how comfortable you are troubleshooting problems on your own. We believe the process is straightforward enough that most consumers could accomplish self-installation thanks to Xfinity’s helpful app and other information on its website. Even if you are extremely tech knowledgeable, some situations will necessitate professional installation.

  • If your home is older and doesn’t have a coax outlet, you’ll need to have one installed. It’s possible that this will take a long time.
  • If you haven’t had Xfinity service for more than a year, you’ll need a technician to come out and verify your cable line.
  • Professional installation may be required for installations that require more pieces of equipment than are included in a typical installation kit. When you package many services, this can happen.
  • You’ll need a professional installer to run a new cable if you wish to transfer the place where your modem is located to a different room. Alternatively, you may simply get a Wi-Fi extender.

If you decide to self-install but have problems, you may always contact Xfinity customer service online or by calling 1-800-XFINITY.

Is a phone line required for Xfinity Internet?

A telephone handset and electrical outlets are required to use the Xfinity Voice service. Service does not necessitate the use of inside wire or jacks. Inside cabling and jacks can be connected to give phone service throughout a home, or handsets can be connected directly to a Comcast Wireless Gateway device.

Is it necessary for me to wait for the Xfinity self-installation kit?

Overview of the Getting Started Kit FAQs You can set up services by yourself. You don’t have to wait for a technician at home any longer. You will receive all of your items in a single shipment. You will not be required to visit a Comcast Service Center.

How long does the Xfinity self-install kit take to arrive?

Kit to Get Started Expectations Standard shipment of your Getting Started package can take three to five days, while expedited shipping can take one to two days (excludes Sunday). Your Getting Started package can be activated using an app, online, or on your TV.

Is a modem and router required for Xfinity?

You’ll need a suitable modem and router to utilize Xfinity internet. A modem and a router may appear to be the same thing, but they are not. A modem is a device that links your home to your service provider, which in this case is Xfinity. A router connects to your modem to create a Wi-Fi network in your house via which your computers and other connected devices can access the internet. You can buy modems and routers separately or use a device that combines the two.

You have two alternatives when joining up for Xfinity service: rent a modem and router for $14 per month or buy your own. While knowing that the Xfinity-provided gadget is compatible may give you peace of mind, keep in mind that the rental will cost you around $168 per year. You can buy appropriate equipment to use with Xfinity for approximately that amount (often less) and save hundreds of dollars in rental costs over the next few years.

How can I use the internet to activate my Comcast modem?

As long as your modem or gateway is eligible, you can use the Xfinity app to activate it.

Using the Xfinity App to Activate Your Own Modem

  • You’ll be requested to Start Activation once the Internet connection has been found.

How can I get my modem to work?

Connect the coaxial wire to the rear of your modem from the cable socket on the wall. Connect one end of the power cord to the power port on the back of your modem and the other end to a non-switched electrical outlet. As a result, the modem lights begin to flash and illuminate.

What is the distinction between a router and a modem?

Your modem is a device that links your home network to the Internet at large. A router is a box that allows all of your wired and wireless devices to connect to the Internet at the same time and communicate with one another without using the Internet. Although your Internet service provider may offer you with a single box that works as both a modem and a router, the two technologies are fundamentally distinct; not all modems include routers, and not all routers include modems. You’ll need both, whether they’re integrated or not, to connect all of your home’s devices to the Internet.

If possible, we recommend utilizing a separate modem and router. You can normally use a modem for years until it breaks, but you may need to replace a router because you want better coverage, because you’ve added more devices to your network and your old router can’t keep up, or because you want to take advantage of the newest Wi-Fi technology developments. If you buy your own modem and router instead of using the ones provided by your ISP, you can often save money on your monthly Internet bill. However, this is usually only true if you have cable Internet, not DSL or fiber, and the situation is more complicated if you also get phone service from your ISP.


A modem modulates and demodulates electrical signals sent over phone lines, coaxial cables, and other types of wiring; in other words, it converts digital data from your computer into analog signals that can be transmitted over wires, and it can also translate incoming analog signals back into digital data that your computer understands. Most standalone modems have only two ports: one for connecting to the outside world and another for connecting to a computer or router via Ethernet.

If you have cable Internet access, your ISP most likely provided you with a modem when they set up your account. But it didn’t do it out of the kindness of its heartcheck your bill to see if you’re paying an extra monthly cost (usually approximately $10) for the privilege.