How To Cancel Bell Satellite TV?

  • Call 1 800-667-0123 to cancel your Bell Mobility service once it has been activated.
  • Call 1 866 342-7367 to discontinue your Bell Aliant Internet, Fibe TV, or Home phone subscription.

What is the procedure for canceling my Bell Satellite service?

  • Call 1-800-667-0123 to cancel your Bell Mobility service once it has been activated.
  • Call 1 866 310-BELL to cancel your Bell Home phone service once it has been activated (310-2355).
  • Call 310-SURF to cancel your Bell Internet subscription once it has been activated (7873).

Is there a cancellation cost with Bell?

You will be charged an early termination fee if you discontinue your Bell TV subscription before the end of your contract.

  • You will be charged a $150 early termination fee if you terminate your service within the first 12 months of the contract.
  • You will be charged a $75 early termination fee if you terminate your service between the 13th and the 24th month.
  • You will be charged a $75 early termination fee if you terminate your service during the first year.

What is the procedure for returning a Bell receiver?

Environmental protection is a challenge that we are all concerned about. Recycling your old Bell items, for example, can make a major difference right now. Canadians have been able to recycle their mobile phones through the Bell Blue Box program since 2003, and Quebec residents can also recycle their television sets through a similar service. Bell supports the establishment and management of provincial recovery programs for various electronics, such as tablets, headsets, PCs, and so on, for other authorized electronic items.

Please see the following programs, which are organized by device type, to learn how to dispose of your old Bell products in an environmentally friendly manner.

Mobile phones

You will receive a certificate equal to the value of your phone when you return it to Bell via the Bell Trade-in program, which you can apply in-store toward the purchase of a new phone or accessories. Phones that are outdated and/or in poor shape will be considered worthless. If your phone is no longer useful, you can recycle it using Bell’s Blue Box program.

You may recycle your old phone for free through the Bell Blue Box program by returning it to any Bell store or shipping it via Canada Post. This program is part of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association’s Recycle My Cell program, and it allows Canadians to dispose of their old phones in an environmentally friendly manner. The net revenues from Bell’s mobile phone recovery programs are donated to a Bell Let’s Talk mental health initiative partner.

Please see the Bell Trade-in and Bell Blue Box program pages for more information.

TV receivers (Satellite and Fibe)

  • Simply call Bell customer support at 1 888 759-3474 for Bell Satellite TV or 1 866 797-8686 for Bell Fibe TV to arrange for the return of your receiver. TV receivers are either refurbished and reused or discarded when they are returned.
  • Residents of Qubec can recycle purchased TV receivers by returning them to us via Canada Post for free. For more information, go to the Bell TV recycling program page.
  • Customers in all other provinces can recycle acquired television receivers through provincial recycling programs funded by Bell. For more information, see the “Other electronic devices” section below.


Bell modems that are rented and returned are likewise handled in an environmentally friendly manner. When modems are returned, they are either reconditioned for reuse or discarded if they are in bad shape. Please check our page on returning your modem for further information.

Modems batteries

By remitting the Environmental Handling Fee, Bell contributes to provincial battery recycling programs. To discover a drop-off location that will accept your battery, go to the Call2recycle website.

Other electronic equipment

Bell supports provincial recycling programs for all other equipment by remitting Environmental Handling Fees (EHF) for approved electronic products such PC tablets, headphones, TV receivers, and mobile phones. These fees are collected by provincially certified recycling programs and utilized to recycle end-of-life devices responsibly. You can recycle your devices through programs allowed by the province.

Bell remits an environmental recycling fee in each province, as shown in the chart below. Visit for additional information on the specified items, programs, and recycling depot locations.

What is the procedure for unsubscribing from a Bell channel?

  • Select any channels you want to add or remove from your channel guide by scrolling to them and selecting them. (Select Check all if you want all channels to appear.)

What is the length of a Bell contract?

What is the length of my Bell Services contract? Unless you and Bell agree to a contract term of more than one month (for example, 12 months) (a “Fixed Term”) for specific Bell Services, there is no set time.

Are there any contracts with Bell?

If you terminate your Bell services while your contract is still active, you may be charged an early cancellation fee. The cost will be applied to your final bill and will vary depending on the service. Please see the Bell Terms of Service for more information (PDF 413 KB).

What is the procedure for returning my Bell router?

Please call 310 BELL (3255) before returning your rental equipment if you haven’t already contacted Bell to terminate your service. Your service does not end when you return your rented equipment.

  • To print a postage-paid return shipping label, go to the Bell equipmentreturn portal:
  • Remote controls, cables, power supply adapters, and SmartCards are examples of TV accessories (ifapplicable)
  • Depending on the shipper specified on your shipping label, drop off your package at the following locations:

You can also schedule a Purolator pick-up by dialing the number on the return label or using the Purolator app on your smartphone.

Please keep in mind that it may take 7-10 days for your product to arrive at our warehouse and be processed after you send it. It can take up to 12 bill cycles for a return to be reimbursed and reflected on your bill if you were charged for equipment non-return costs.

What can I do with a satellite receiver that is no longer in use?

Inquire with your city’s waste management department about where obsolete satellite receivers can be recycled. Such goods may be picked up for free in your city. If it doesn’t, see if you can recycle the receiver at an electronics store or a recycling center for a fee.