How To Program Telus Satellite Remote To Control TV?

What is the procedure for programming my Telus remote control?

Locate the remote code for your TV if you need to reprogram your remote. Proceed to step 1 after you have a code.

Use the user guide that comes with your remote or the download at the bottom of this page as an alternative.

  • Press the mode button on your remote until the red TV light flashes.
  • For 3 seconds, press and hold the Options button until the TV light flashes twice.
  • Enter the code from your television’s remote code tool. Two times the light will flash.
  • Hold down the Power button for a few seconds. Remove your finger from the button when your TV turns off.
  • Select OK. Twice the red TV light will flash.
  • To turn your TV back on, press the Power button once more.
  • Press the mode button until the green OPTIK light at the top of your remote illuminates.
  • To turn your TV back on, press the power button one again.
  • If none of the codes above work for you, try the following: Hold the mode button down until the TV or Aux light flashes twice.
  • When you type in the code 29 for TV, your remote will look for a code that might work.

It’s possible that this will take up to 15 minutes. Auxiliary or TV light will flash. The TV should now be synchronized if you press okay.

  • For DVD and blue ray enter 44
  • Enter 79 for Amplifiers.

How can I connect my remote control to my television?

  • Go to the Settings page. How to get to the Settings menu. If your remote control contains a Quick Settings button, follow these steps:
  • The following procedures will vary depending on your television’s menu options: Choose from a variety of remote controls and accessories. Using a remote control Activate the MIC button or Connect via Bluetooth.
  • Follow the directions on the screen. Notes:

How do I find my code for my TV?

Look for the code.

  • On your Smart TV or streaming device, launch the YouTube app.
  • Scroll down to the TV code link. Your television will display a blue TV code.
  • Prepare your phone or tablet and follow the instructions in the “Enter the code” section below.

What’s the best way to program a satellite remote control?

Make sure the batteries are charged and that there are no obstacles between your remote and the receiver before you begin. Find out more.

Follow these instructions to program your Bell Satellite TV remote if it isn’t controlling your receiver properly, or if you recently got a replacement remote.

  • On the front of the receiver, press SYS INFO.
  • Hold down the SAT button until the SAT, TV, AUX, and VCR lights up.
  • SAT should be released. It’ll begin to flash.
  • Choose a number between 0 and 16 at random and enter it. This will reset the remote’s frequency of communication with the receiver.
  • Make a note of it. The number you picked will be displayed in the remote address field on the System Info screen.
  • Click the Done button. You’ll be able to control the receiver at this point.

TVs and other devices

  • Find your TV’s remote programming code (PDF 3.41 MB).
  • Press and hold the TV button until the SAT, AUX, and VCR lights come on.
  • Turn on the television. It’ll begin to flash.
  • Press # after entering one of the codes for your TV model. Three times should be flashed on the television.
  • Make an attempt to control your television. Use one of the other codes from the list if it doesn’t work.
  • Find your device’s remote programming code (PDF 3.41 MB).
  • Hold the AUX button down until the SAT, TV AUX, and VCR lights up.
  • AUX should be released. It’ll begin to flash.
  • Enter one of your device’s codes, then hit #. The AUX button should light up three times.
  • Attempt to take control of the other device. Use one of the other codes from the list if it doesn’t work.

You can enter the number 1 as the code in step 4 if you want to utilize a third-party universal remote. When configuring Bell Satellite TV remotes, this is the most frequent setting used by remote manufacturers. If it doesn’t work, please contact the manufacturer of your remote for assistance, since Bell is unable to service remotes that we do not provide.

What is the procedure for resetting my TELUS remote?

It’s possible that your remote control isn’t working because its signal is weak or it can’t reach your TV or digital box:

After a brief pause, the guidance menu should appear. If these procedures don’t work, try resetting your remote control.

Reset your Slimline remote 2

By resetting the remote, you can restore all advanced functions to their factory settings:

If successful, the green LED next to the Optik power button on the remote will flash twice.

Using the keypad on the remote, enter the code 9999. If successful, the green LED next to the Optik power button on the remote will blink twice again, indicating that the remote has been reset to factory settings.

Note that resetting your remote control prohibits it from controlling your television. Reprogram your remote to regain this ability.

Without a code, how do you program a TV remote?

It is easy to program a universal remote without codes. The steps are as follows:

  • On the TV you want to link to the remote, press the ‘Power’ button.
  • Hold down the ‘LED’ button until it illuminates.
  • Press the ‘TV’ button on the remote. The light should blink once before remaining on.
  • While aiming towards the TV, press the ‘Power’ button.
  • Keep your hands in this posture until the TV switches off.
  • To begin, press the ‘Enter’ key.

The light from the LED light will now be turned off. If this happens, your TV’s remote has been successfully programmed. If you wish to program TV remotes, this is the simplest method to use.

How can I attach my remote to my Samsung TV?

Aim the Smart Remote at the TV’s remote control sensor. The remote control sensor is usually found on the lower right hand side of most Samsung televisions. If not, it’s at the bottom-right corner.

Then, for at least 3 seconds, press and hold the Return and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously. The Smart Remote will begin to sync with your TV. The remote will then display a message confirming that it is now connected to your TV.

What’s the best way to program my Telus remote to work with my Samsung TV?

Synchronize your remote to power on your TV and digital box at the same time:

  • Turn on the TV and the TELUS Digital box.
  • TELUS/STB is pressed and held, then OK is pressed.
  • On the numeric pad, enter the code 977.
  • To connect the two devices, press TELUS/STB and then TV.
  • Press Enter/Options to return to the previous screen.

How can I locate the four-digit code for my LG television?

4-Digit Universal Codes for LG TVs that are One-For-All If you have a One-For-All 4-digit universal remote, use the codes below: 0030. 0056. 0178.